Tuesday, November 28

BTS V and Jennie were spotted holding hands in Paris amid dating rumors

The South Korean K-pop industry restricts idols from dating each other as a strict guideline. All agencies, including YG Entertainment, make sure that the trainees are divided at all times between the sexes. However, Blackpink’s Jennie and BTS’s V have broken these rules as they both have crushes on each other.

When it comes to their idols’ lives, K-pop fans are the most perceptive. During a trip to Jeju Island in 2022, the Taennies quickly realized that Kim and Jennie were having an affair. However, the romance was reportedly fueled further when the pair were seen embracing. Fans are delighted with the couple after seeing the K-pop stars holding hands in the romantic city of Paris.

Since 2022, there have been rumors circulating. But lately, the ill-fated couple have been photographed strolling through Paris together. A TikTok video of a couple walking together has gone viral. Later, it was verified that Jennie and V were the ones walking along the Seine. Jennie is in Paris to promote her upcoming TV series, “The Idol,” which will have its world premiere in Cannes.

Despite numerous images of Kim Tae-Hyung and Jennie circulating, none of their respective agencies have acknowledged or dismissed the rumors. YG Entertainment released a statement in 2022 stating that they had nothing more to add.

YG Entertainment issued a warning in October 2022 that it would file a lawsuit against anyone or anything who spread Jennie’s photos online without permission. Fans seem to be happy with the relationship between the K-pop idols, despite the rumors.

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BTS V And Jennie Were Spotted Holding Hands In Paris Amid Dating Rumours

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