Thursday, November 30

BTS V has surpassed 14 million followers on Spotify, joins RM and J-Hope

BTS V joins RM and J-Hope as the third K-pop solo artist with 14 million followers on Spotify. The incredibly talented singer-songwriter has now become part of K-pop’s esteemed circle of soloists, reaffirming his position as a powerful force in the music industry.

V has won the hearts of millions of people around the world with his great talent and charisma, and his extraordinary success on Spotify, one of the major streaming services, now reflects his enormous popularity. It’s no surprise that V has 14 million followers on Spotify, given the artist’s loyal following around the world. He joins BTS’s J-Hope and RM as the only other K-pop soloists to have achieved such a remarkable milestone thanks to this incredible achievement.

With his fans rabidly and fervently following his improvement on the site and cheering on each new follower as he neared this historic milestone, V’s success on Spotify has had an influence beyond borders. Social media platforms erupted with excitement and adoration as news of V’s success spread, providing a glimpse of the unwavering love of his enthusiastic Army fans.

The hashtags “14MillionForV” and “VOnSpotify” quickly trended on the Internet, showing V’s reach around the world and the loyal affection of his fans. V joined the ranks of his BTS bandmates J-Hope and RM on Spotify after passing the momentous milestone of 14 million followers, setting new standards for achievement and motivating millions of people around the world.

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