Thursday, April 18

Buford residents say ‘No’ to proposed warehouses at Lanier Islands’ entrance | News

In the summer, Lanier Islands Parkway is busy with vacationers heading to and from Margaritaville at Lanier Islands and its surrounding marinas.

As these visitors are heading toward the attractions on Lanier Islands, they come around a curve just before they cross the bridge that connects the mainland to the island.

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kAmβ€œ*’2==[ J@F’G6 8@E E@ =:G6 H:E9 E9:D DEF77 2?5 =62C? E92E D@>6 @7 E9:D DEF77[ 6G6CJ3@5J @C56CD DEF77[” q62C5 D2:5] β€œ(9@ πŸ˜• E9:D C@@> 5@6D?’E 3FJ 7C@> p>2K@?n”k^Am

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