Saturday, December 9

Cardi B spends $20,000 on a fancy gaming set for her kids

American rapper Cardi B recently revealed that she spent a whopping $20,000 on an extravagant arcade game for her two children. In an interview with the New York Times, she shared her excitement about the purchase, saying, “I just bought this playset for my kids and it’s huge! It seems crazy. And I spent about $20,000 on it.”

While this might not be her biggest purchase to date, Cardi B expressed that she works hard for her children and that providing for them brings her immense joy. She stressed that showering her children with expensive gifts doesn’t define being a great father, but he fulfills a childhood dream and makes her feel good.

Being a mom is of the utmost importance to Cardi B and she constantly thinks of her children. Even in the midst of her busy schedule, she takes the time to prioritize her future. While she dances and performs on stage, she manages her business and makes sure a portion of her profits go to her children’s trust fund.

Cardi B is passionate about giving her daughter all the love and support she needs. Her commitment to preparing her son for a bright future motivates her to work harder and ensure a stable life for her family.

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