Sunday, April 14

Carlito Pulled From Survivor Series Match vs. Santos Escobar


  • Carlito’s absence from Survivor Series raises questions about WWE’s decision, as he doesn’t appear to be legitimately injured.
  • Carlito sought retribution against Santos Escobar after being injured, dedicating his match to Rey Mysterio.
  • With a surprise appearance by Dragon Lee, he is set to replace Carlito in the match against Escobar, potentially adding excitement to the event.

In a mysterious development on Friday night, Carlito was taken out by Santos Escobar and will no longer be wrestling on Saturday at Survivor Series. It’s not clear why WWE made the change, and while the storyline suggests Carlito is injured, it doesn’t appear that he’s legitimately too hurt to compete.

Carlito reminisced about his long absence from Chicago when he took the ring during SmackDown on Friday. Highlighting tomorrow’s Premium Live Event as his first in 13 years, he said he was focused on Rey Mysterio and seeking retribution against Santos Escobar for injuring him. Carlito dedicated his match at Survivor Series to Rey and warned Escobar of the significant mistake he made and how he would pay for it.

Escobar came to the ring and questioned Carlito’s allegiance to LWO. Noting he didn’t have the tattoo to prove he was family, he knocked Carlito for not even wearing the LWO colors. Escobar blamed Carlito for the rift in Rey’s family, leading to a heated exchange that saw the two men fall to the outside of the ring as they fought. The confrontation saw Carlito aggressively slam Escobar into the barricade and officials had to intervene to separate them. Escobar snuck through the crowd and delivered a knee strike to Carlito’s shoulder.

Post-commercial break, as officials aided the injured Carlito to the medical area, Escobar launches a blindsided attack. He, once again, targeted Carlito’s arm. However, a surprise appearance by Dragon Lee interrupted the assault.

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Later in the show, Lee pleaded with Nick Aldis to make him the replacement for Carlito, who was ruled not medically cleared to compete. The match was made official and WWE announced the new match for tomorrow.

Is WWE Just Stretching This Out?

If Carlito isn’t legitimately injured, it seems likely that WWE is simply stretching this storyline out and holding off on the big clash between Escobar and Carlito. The company might be building the drama and giving Dragon Lee the match in the meantime, which should be an excellent dislay of technicality and high-flying action.

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