Friday, April 19

Carlito Returns To WWE, Comes To Aid Of Santos Escobar and Rey Mysterio

Carlito has returned to WWE, coming to the aid of Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar in their six-man tag team match.


  • Carlito made a surprise return to WWE at Fastlane, helping the LWO win their tag match with an impressive backstabber.
  • It is unclear if Carlito’s return is permanent or just a one-time appearance, as his relationship with WWE has been sporadic in recent years.
  • The crowd was excited to see Carlito back, and his own official WWE Shop shirt suggests he may be officially part of the roster again.

Carlito has returned to WWE. During the tag match between the LWO and Bobby Lashley with The Street Profits, Carlito made the save partway through the bout. He took over the offense quickly, hit a backstabber for the win and helped the LWO stand tall, proving Rey Mysterio did have a friend he could call.

The opening for Carlito to make his return started on Friday when Joquin Wilde and Cruz del Toro were taken out by The Street Profits on SmackDown. Rey said he would make a call in the hopes of finding a replacement partner. When Fastlane began, Rey let both Zelina Vega and Santos Escobar know that he hadn’t heard back but that he was confident the person he called would make it to help in their six-man tag match. The bout began with Rey and Santos not having a partner. When it seemed as though the numbers game was too much, Carlito’s music hit and he ran down to the ring to take the tag from Mysterio.

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It didn’t take long for Carlito to turn the tides of the match, he hit a backstabber and secured the win.

The LWO celebrated in the ring after the victory. It wasn’t clear if Carlito was back for good or if this was a one-time appearance. There has been talk in recent months that Carlito has signed with WWE and he looks to be in incredible shape. If he’s back, his alliance with the LWO makes sense and he will be a welcome addition to the WWE roster. If he was brought back only for this one show, that shouldn’t come as a shock since his relationship with WWE over the past few years has been a series of one-offs or two matches and then he’s gone.

The Crowd Was Hyped to See Carlito Back

While it wasn’t the same massive ovation he got when Carolito showed up at Backlash and helped Bad Bunny in Puerto Rico, the crowd was still pumped to see Carlito. It does look like Carlito has his own shirt in WWE Shop. That could mean WWE has been waiting for the right time to bring him back and he’s now officially a part of the roster again. If he is, that would be cool.

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