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Cayden Carter and Katana Chance Win Women’s Tag Team Championships


  • Katana Chance and Cayden Carter emerge as new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, showcasing the competitiveness of the division.
  • This victory represents a promising shift for women’s tag team wrestling, bringing legitimacy to the division.
  • WWE teases future developments in the women’s tag team scene, hinting at a competitive landscape and adding intrigue.

In a great match that sheds new light on the Women’s Tag Team Division, Katana Chance and Cayden Carter have emerged as the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. The pair triumphed over Chelsea Green and Piper Niven with their signature move, “The After Party.”

The match unfolded as a back-and-forth struggle between the two teams, showcasing the competitive battle that offered a great bit of entertainment for the fans. Carter and Chance strategically executed a series of moves, culminating in their impactful finisher, securing the pinfall over Green to claim the coveted championships. The outcome resonated with the fans who were thrilled to see a team that had worked so hard finally get their opportunity.

Cayden Carter Katana Chance win titles

This victory represents a promising shift for women’s tag team wrestling, as Carter and Chance, a cohesive and well-matched duo, aim to bring legitimacy and excitement to the division. The hope is for a substantial title reign throughout 2024, where they can face off against other formidable teams. As for Chelsea Green, rumors of a substantial singles push in 2024 swirl around her. If true, this transition could mark a pivotal chapter in her career, and fans anticipate witnessing her prowess as a singles competitor.

In the aftermath of this significant title change, WWE seems to be teasing future developments in the women’s tag team scene. A potential No. 1 contenders match is on the horizon, featuring Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark against Natalya and Tegan Nox. This prospect hints at a competitive landscape, adding layers of intrigue to the women’s tag team division.


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Is This A New Day For The Women’s Tag Division?

The team of Green and Niven weren’t bad, but they were put together after an injury to Sonya Deville. Now, this title change puts the Women’s Tag Team titles rightfully around the waist of a genuine duo like Katana and Cayden. Their years of hard work, losses in NXT, and perfecting their combinations and offensive skills, have truly paid off. It will be nice to see them get a solid chance and the hope is they aren’t affected by the unlucky bug that seems to hit all new champions!

Carter and Chance, often likened to the female version of The Rockers, have the potential to carve out a memorable legacy with their tag team title run.

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