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CM Punk And Jade Cargill Part Of WWE 2K24’s Full DLC Reveal

With a little more than a week to go until its early access kicks off, 2K has revealed its full DLC roster. Every Superstar from the past and present who will be added to the game post-launch. Adding more than 20 playable wrestlers across five DLC packs, 2K is taking a slightly different approach with its DLC this year. Rather than releasing a pack every month, the first of the five won’t be here until May 15, and the final DLC won’t be added until November.

CM Punk Is In

Likely an attempt to keep people interested in its next game for as long as possible, and close to when the teases for WWE 2K25 will likely begin, the first pack launching on May 15 is headlined by someone we weren’t sure we’d see in WWE 2K24 – CM Punk. Labeled the ECW Punk Pack, joining the former WWE and AEW Champion will be Sandman, Terry Funk, and The Dudley Boyz, returning to a WWE video game for the first time in seven years.


WWE 2K24: Every Superstar Confirmed For The Roster So Far

More than 200 Superstars promised, here’s who’s been revealed to be in the game so far.

Post Malone’s pack will be next, joined by legends from WWE’s past who have been labeled his friends. Unsure Mosh, Thrasher, and Sensational Sherri ever met Post Malone, but never mind. It’s the third pack that has fans asking questions as unlike the rest of the DLC, most of its contents haven’t been revealed. Pat McAfee will be a part of it alongside “playable co-hosts”. No indication on who those co-hosts might be, but with images of her in-game model already shown, I’m assuming Cathy Kelley might be among them.

Jade Cargill Is In Too

Back to newly-signed WWE Superstars we weren’t sure we’d see in 2K24, Jade Cargill will make her WWE video game debut when she’s added to the game via the Global Superstars Pack. Not launching until September 20, this pack will be made up of seven Superstars, six of which are still active. The only legend in this one is Michelle McCool, and considering how often she returns for women’s Royal Rumbles, it’s probably fair to only consider her semi-retired.

Flipping that on its head for the final wave of DLC on November 13, the WCW Pack is made up of nothing but legends. As fans correctly deciphered after being shown a teaser image, DDP and Lex Luger are both in this pack. Every other Superstar in that pack, and the other four, can be found below. You will either need the Season Pass or buy the packs individually when released to get the DLC.



ECW Punk Pack (May 15)

CM Punk

Bubba Ray Dudley

D-Von Dudley


Terry Funk

Post Malone & Friends Pack (June 26)

Post Malone

Sensational Sherri



Honky Tonk Man

Jimmy Hart (Manager)

Pat McAfee Pack (July 24)

Pat McAfee

Playable co-hosts

Global Superstars Pack (September 20)

Jade Cargill

Nia Jax


Kairi Sane

Michelle McCool

Lyra Valkyria

Dragon Lee

WCW Pack (November 13)


Lex Luger

Iron Sheik

Mr. Perfect

Great Muta

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