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CM Punk Confirms He’ll Be A Part Of WrestleMania 40

During Monday Night Raw, a vignette showcasing CM Punk’s rehab aired and in it, Punk said he would be coming to WrestleMania 40, invited or not.

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    cm punk


    Chicago, Illinois, USA

    Phillip Jack Brooks

    6 feet 2 inches

    218 lbs


    Championships Held:
    WWE Championship (x2), World Heavyweight Championship (x3), ECW Championship, Intercontinental Championship, World Tag Team Championship, ROH World Championship, ROH Tag Team Championship (x2), AEW World Championship (x2)

    Current Promotion:

    Go To Sleep, Anaconda Vise


    Notable Allies:
    kofi kingston

    Notable Rivals:
    John Cena, Bryan Danielson, rey mysterio, MJF


    Eye Color:

    Hair Color:


  • Despite being uninvited, CM Punk plans to attend WrestleMania this year held in Philadelphia.
  • Speculations arise on Punk’s role at WrestleMania, possibly as guest referee, but nothing is confirmed.
  • There’s a heated issue between Punk and Drew McIntyre that may unfold at the Showcase of the Immortals.

Invited or not, CM Punk will be a part of this year’s WrestleMania. The annual spectacular will emanate from Philadelphia, and during a vignette that aired during Monday’s episode of Raw, Punk pointed out that the first four letters are PHIL (his real name Phil Brooks) and he’s coming to the show. “Whether I’m invited or uninvited, I’ll be there,” he said.

Punk will also be appearing live on next week’s Raw in Chicago, which may provide a bit of a clue as to what role he’ll take on when he shows up at The Showcase of the Immortals. Punk’s future plans remain a mystery, but it only makes sense to include him in the show in any way that his injury will allow. WWE, along with Drew McIntyre, has done an effective job of keeping him in the thoughts of the WWE Universe. He’s not been on programming, but he’s mentioned almost weekly and he’s already been promoted for WrestleMania World which will take place on the same weekend.


WWE Confirms CM Punk Will Return To Raw On The Road To WrestleMania

CM Punk will be back on the March 25 Raw emanating from Chicago’s Allstate Arena.

Some wonder if he’ll be a guest referee for the McIntyre versus Seth Rollins match, but that might be a bit too cliche. At the same time, having him officiate two of his significant opponents would undoubtedly make for must-see entertainment. It would certainly add a wrinkle to the match as it’s not entirely clear who he’d favor. Regardless of what WWE chooses to have Punk do, him being on the show is a no-brainer.

Punk Has An Issue With McIntyre That Could Play Out At WrestleMania

Punk was injured in his first televised match after his WWE comeback in November. It was the Royal Rumble and it couldn’t have come at a worse time as the Rumble kicks off the road to WrestleMania. His tricep injury meant he would be on the shelf too long to participate in a match. It was believed he was set to face Seth Rollins for the World Title. After the injury, he appeared on Raw with his arm in a sling and regretfully announced his absence from the biggest show of the year. WWE then went to work on trying to find the best opponent for Rollins. They chose Drew McIntyre.

After winning the Elimination Chamber match, McIntyre continues to taunt Punk about his situation, often calling him fragile. Needless to say, there’s not a fondness growing between these two.

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