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CM Punk References Vince McMahon During a Chaotic Promo On Raw

CM Punk came extremely close to crossing a line WWE likely doesn’t want to cross by referencing Vince McMahon during Raw.

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  • Punk’s promo with McIntyre and Rollins pushed the boundaries, hinting at McMahon without saying his name.
  • McIntyre trolled Punk, daring him to say the name of the one who chose him, but Punk didn’t take the bait.
  • The segment added intrigue to the upcoming World Title match, with Punk now on commentary and a potential role in the outcome.

CM Punk made his return to WWE on Monday night and, to say the least, his promo with Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins was wild. Teetering on the edge of what was probably acceptable by WWE standards, Punk did something completely unexpected and subtly referred to Vince McMahon.

Punk and McIntyre were going back and forth about how much they despised each other and McIntyre invited Punk to be on commentary for the World Title match at WrestleMania 40. McIntyre wanted Punk to call his moment as the “Chosen One” who will finally win the big title in front of fans in a stadium. Punk asked who made McIntyre the chosen one. Suggesting it wasn’t the fans of Chicago (where Raw was taking place), Punk hinted it was someone that no one likes or trusts any longer in Vince McMahon.


Drew McIntyre Mocks CM Punk In Chicago Ahead Of WWE Raw

Drew McIntyre has trolled CM Punk by visiting the bakery that made Punk go viral in his AEW run.

He didn’t use McMahon’s name, but he did say, “Tell everyone who chose you, say his name if you have the balls.” McIntyre just smirked, knowing he wasn’t about to cater to Punk’s dare and call out McMahon during the show.

One has to assume WWE is intentionally not looking to mention Vince McMahon in any capacity and wants to separate themselves from him as much as possible. It’s not clear what would have happened if Punk said Vince’s name.

Punk was smart enough not to say McMahon’s name, but everyone knew who he was referring to. All three stars involved in the segment took the opportunities they got on the mic to take shots at each other and made other subtle references to people from the past. All three did a good job of not going too far, even though Punk may have come the closest to stepping out of bounds. The realism and teases of things that were going on behind the scenes made this memorable.

By the time the promo was said and done, the hype was built up from the World Title match, one that will now see Punk on commentary. To say the least, there’s a new layer added to the World Title bout and fans should expect Punk to potentially play a role in the decision, whatever that may be.

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