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Cody Rhodes Breaking Merchandise Sales Records In Surprising Location


  • Cody Rhodes sets record-breaking merchandise sales, proving he’s just as popular as CM Punk.
  • Rhodes remains extremely popular and outperforms other stars in merchandise sales.
  • His strong connection with fans and ability to market his brand make him a valuable asset for WWE.

Despite being “the story” of Survivor Series, there’s another interesting narrative coming out of a show where CM Punk made his return to WWE. According to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, Cody Rhodes has proven he’s just as popular as Punk in one aspect that matters. The American Nightmare set record-breaking merchandise sales.

Even with stars like Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Punk having been with WWE while the company worked in Chicago, Sapp reported, “There were some within WWE who claimed that Cody Rhodes’ merch sales in Chicago were the highest at an event in the company’s history in Chicago.” While WWE hasn’t confirmed Cody holds the record, just being close is an incredible feat.


Cody has been extremely popular since his return to the company. But, as might happen with anyone who has been back for over a year, the need to buy merchandise promoting that same wrestler might fade with the fan base. Not for Rhodes. He’s as popular as ever. He’s outperforming popular stars like LA Knight and Jey Uso.

Rhodes has consistently maintained his status as one of, if not the most beloved babyfaces in WWE since his return. He’s got an incredible rapport with the fans, and he’s arguably the face of WWE when it comes to doing press and talking about how great business is. As a former EVP in AEW, and someone who left WWE and reinvented himself, he knows how to market his brand. It’s working.


Cody Rhodes Has Wrestled More Matches Than Anyone In WWE In 2023 So Far

99 matches wrestled with a month still to go.

Fans are rushing to buy his merchandise, which includes shirts, figures, and custom-weight belts. If The American Nightmare is pegged to main event WrestleMania 40, expect his merch numbers to climb.

Cody Is The Guy WWE Should Be Investing In

Merchandise sales have long been a huge measuring stick for WWE. If wrestlers can sell their likenesses on shirts and other items, the company knows they have someone who can be a champion or the face of the company. Cody Rhodes is that guy and he’s ready to carry the ball.

The overwhelming support he received in Chicago only goes to show how valuable he is and why bringing him back was the right call for WWE. It would be interesting to note how CM Punk’s merch sales would have gone if fans knew before the end of the show he was appearing.

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