Sunday, April 14

Cody Rhodes Challenges The Rock To A Match At Elimination Chamber

And Seth Rollins has his back.


  • The talk show segment at Elimination Chamber had a dual purpose: showcasing the Grayson Waller Effect and setting up Cody Rhodes challenging The Rock.
  • Despite Rhodes already having a title match at WrestleMania, he issued a bold challenge to The Rock, with Seth Rollins potentially joining forces in a tag team match.
  • The match between Rhodes and Rock may happen at WrestleMania, potentially on night one, marking The Rock’s first full match in years.

There needs to be a special reason for WWE to book a talk show right in the middle of a premium live event, and turns out there were two reasons at Elimination Chamber. The Grayson Waller Effect was naturally included on the PLE so the hometown host could have a place on the show. However, the other big reason for the talk show segment was so Cody Rhodes could issue a monumental challenge to The Rock.

Cody Rhodes Challenges The Rock

Rhodes and Seth Rollins were Waller’s guests, each of them given a chance to talk about their WrestleMania plans while being low-key toyed with by Waller in the process. After bigging up The Rock and getting nothing but boos from the fans in return, Waller handed the reigns over to Rhodes. Questioning Rock labeling himself as The People’s Champ at this point in his career, Rhodes officially issued Rock a challenge.


WWE’s Elimination Chamber Was Held Up By Pirates En Route To Australia

The detour meant it took WWE a month to get the Chamber to Perth.

Even though Rhodes has got a title match against Reigns locked in at WrestleMania, The American Nightmare pointed out that between now and then, his wrestling schedule is wide open, issuing a challenge to The Rock. Rollins took the opportunity to chip in at that point, stepping up behind Rhodes and saying if The Rock should accept his challenge, he’ll have his back.

Where Will It Happen?

Chaos ensued after that and the segment quickly broke down, meaning that’s all the information we have on a potential match between Rock and Rhodes for the time being. However, it seems unlikely the match will go down anywhere other than WrestleMania. It will be the first time The Rock has wrestled at all in eight years, and even longer since he has wrestled a proper match that lasted longer than five seconds.

There’s a chance the match happens on night one of WrestleMania since Rhodes’ showdown with Reigns will almost certainly main event night two. There’s also a chance this match becomes a tag team affair. Rollins’ backup offer may have been even more literal than it appeared and he may team with Rhodes to take on Reigns and Rock. Unless The Rock responds to Rhodes on social media, which could feasibly happen, we may have to wait for next week’s SmackDown for a development in this one.

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