Friday, February 23

Cody Rhodes Sends Cryptic Message To WWE Fans On Social Media


  • Cody Rhodes sends a message to fans during Raw, suggesting there is a bigger plan at work.
  • Cody appreciates fan support but says to trust him, implying there is something up his sleeve.
  • WWE’s plans for WrestleMania 40 remain uncertain, leaving fans wondering if there is a bigger reveal in store.

While Monday night’s episode of Raw didn’t offer an explanation by Cody Rhodes as to why he walked away from the main event at WrestleMania 40, Cody did send a message to fans during the show on social media.

The opening segment of Raw featured Seth Rollins, Cody, and Drew McIntyre. It appeared as though Cody was going to answer Rollins’ questions about whether he was taking their match, but McIntyre came in and said both men ruined all of his plans. By taking out CM Punk, McIntyre suggested he set both men up to finish their stories. Cody would go after Roman Reigns and McIntyre could fight Rollins. Now, everything was messed up and no one seems to know what’s going on. McIntyre’s sentiments were echoed by many WWE fans this weekend.


Raw Winners and Losers: “We Want Cody”

This week’s Monday Night Raw was coming in hot as Cody Rhodes was trending all week.

But, Cody is suggesting there’s a bigger plan at work. During the show, The American Nightmare took to social media and noted that he appreciated the fan’s support and the “We Want Cody” chants to start the show. He also said, “… but. Trust me.”

It’s not clear what he meant with the message, but Cody seems to be telling fans that they shouldn’t worry about him and that he’s got something up his sleeve. The quest by the WWE Universe to force WWE to put him back in the match may not be what Cody wants.

Fans were quick to jump on the thread and with over three thousand comments in under two hours, the reactions were wildly supportive, but there was also an aura of doubt and concern. Some suggested that they trust Cody, but they don’t trust WWE or others making some of the key decisions. Some suggested they were willing to wait things out to see what happened.

What Does WWE Have Planned?

Throughout the show, the announcers were clear to say that nothing was official and that they weren’t sure what was going to go down at the WrestleMania 40 press conference in Vegas on Thursday. They did, however, comment on the controversy and what’s been going on all weekend.

Does the WWE have a bigger plan set up that fans will be revealed and satisfy the fans? Does Cody have something even bigger going on? Is this just a step in many more steps to ensure he doesn’t, in fact, finish his story? He seems to want everyone to think so.

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