Tuesday, February 27

Comedian Kevin Hart Sues Controversial YouTuber Tasha K Over Alleged Extortion

A legal battle has erupted between renowned comedian Kevin Hart and LaTasha Kebe, commonly known as Tasha K on YouTube, following claims of an extortion attempt linked to a scandalous interview featuring Hart’s former assistant. PageSix reported that Hart, in a lawsuit, alleges Kebe demanded a significant sum of money to prevent the interview’s release into the public sphere.

The lawsuit outlines that Kebe conducted an interview with Miesha Shakes, who had been in Hart’s employ from 2017 to 2020, back in November 2023. Allegedly, during this conversation, Shakes made false and defamatory statements concerning Hart.

According to Hart, aged 44, following the interview, an individual associated with Kebe approached his team, issuing a threat to publish the interview unless Hart paid a staggering sum of $250,000. The threat was underlined by implications of the interview’s potential damage to Hart’s personal life, including his marriage and business dealings.

Kebe subsequently uploaded a preview of the interview, described as a “teaser,” wherein she and Shakes highlighted the interview’s salacious and damaging content, posing a direct threat to Hart should the demanded “ransom” not be met.

The lawsuit specifically points out a statement made by Kebe in the teaser at the 2:06 mark, emphasizing, “when you don’t pay, we have to get money by any means necessary.”

In response, Hart’s legal representatives reportedly engaged law enforcement and dispatched a cease and desist letter to Kebe, reminding her that Shakes had previously signed both a Non-Disclosure Agreement and a Confidentiality Agreement during her tenure with Hart.

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