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Conor Benn Reveals Gervonta Davis Purse Offer After Verbal Exchange


  • Eddie Hearn confirms potential Conor Benn vs. Gervonta Davis fight; Benn discloses significant offer extended to Davis, including eight-figure sum.
  • Benn urges Davis to back up his talk with action and sign the contract; questions if Davis would decline substantial $10 to $15 million offer.
  • Davis may not get his wish to fight in the UK due to Benn’s issues with the British boxing board of control.

Earlier this week, Eddie Hearn confirmed the development of a potential fight between Conor Benn and Gervonta Davis. Benn has disclosed the purse offer extended to Davis to facilitate the match. Following his victory over Peter Dobson earlier this month, Benn faced criticism on social media, particularly from figures such as Devin Haney, Errol Spence, and Davis, for the tougher-than-expected fight.

Davis called on Benn to allow his promoter to negotiate the fight between them. Hearn has since confirmed that discussions are indeed underway. Notably, Benn encountered setbacks in 2022 due to failed drug tests, which disrupted his planned bout with Chris Eubank Jr and resulted in the suspension of his license by the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC). Although the National Anti-Doping Panel provisionally lifted the suspension in July 2023, the BBBofC and UK Anti-Doping appealed this decision.


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Benn mentioned that the offer includes a guaranteed eight-figure sum, as well as the potential to earn more from a share of pay-per-view and ticket sales. While Hearn didn’t specify the exact amounts, Benn has now revealed that the offer provides Davis with the opportunity to earn between $10 million and $15 million, depending on sales on the prospective blockbuster fight.

Benn informed reporters that a significant offer has been made, and he’s waiting to see if Davis is serious about it. He emphasized the need for action instead of just talk, urging Davis not to boast on social media without backing it up with a signed contract.

Benn made it clear that he’s willing to fight anyone and questioned whether Davis would decline a substantial sum like $10 to $15 million to face him. He suggested that if Davis finds that amount insufficient, he should continue with his current activities.

“If I’m easy work then no problem, sign the contract. Do I think that fight gets made? Listen, I’ll agree to fight anyone. If $10million, $11million, $12million, $13million, $14million, $15million ain’t enough, then stay quiet, stay at your house with your little tag on your ankle,” Benn said.

Davis vs. Benn will undoubtedly be a blockbuster fight; however, the undefeated American probably won’t get his wish to fight in the UK due to Benn’s predicament with the British boxing board of control.

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