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Conor Benn’s Next Fight Is Peter Dobson After Chris Eubank Jr. Bout Is Scrapped


  • Conor Benn will now face undefeated American welterweight Peter Dobson in Las Vegas after negotiations for a fight with Chris Eubank Jr. fell through.
  • Dobson may not be seen as a formidable challenge for Benn, as he has lost six fights in a row in Team Combat League and lacks a significant victory in professional boxing.
  • Despite criticism of the matchup, Benn stands firm in his decision to face Dobson, viewing it as an opportunity to maintain his momentum and solidify his standing in the welterweight division.

Conor Benn is set to face undefeated American welterweight Peter Dobson on Saturday, February 3, in Las Vegas. Despite initial efforts by his promoter, Eddie Hearn, to arrange a bout against Chris Eubank Jr. on the same date, negotiations for the Eubank Jr. fight to take place at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium fell through due to unmet terms and Benn not having a license to fight in the UK.

Now, Benn will take on Dobson (16-0, 9 KOs) in Las Vegas. Dobson has eagerly pursued a significant fight, having experienced two previously canceled matchups against Matchroom fighters, namely Caoimhin Agyarko and Pat McCormack. The 33-year-old Dobson sees this as a golden opportunity to insert himself into the mix for the big fights that Benn is actively pursuing, provided he can secure victory on February 3.

Peter Dobson Has Lost Six Fights In A Row In Team Combat League

Dobson’s Perfect Pro Boxing Record Is An Illusion

Although Peter Dobson maintains an undefeated record as a professional boxer by facing relatively low-level competition, his performance in Team Combat League has seen six losses, resulting in a 3-7 record with the organization. Despite being out of professional fights since June 2022, Dobson lacks a significant victory to his name. Given these factors, Dobson may not be seen as a formidable challenge for Conor Benn.

Criticism of the matchup has arisen, particularly from Harlem Eubank, prompting Benn to defend the choice. Despite the skepticism, Benn stands firm in his decision to face Dobson, perhaps viewing the bout as an opportunity to maintain his momentum and further solidify his standing in the welterweight division.

Eubank, wrote to Benn, “All that hype talk about fighting Chris Eubank Jr or Devin Haney and you choose a guy that’s lost his last 6 white-collar fights?? Eddie Hearn please have a quiet word with your boy, this is embarrassing.

Benn responded, “Very simple to be honest Harry, your cousin priced himself out because he’s a spineless wanker, Haney mentioned my name not the other way around, and isn’t available that date and you are an irrelevant second cousin and your only getting coverage because junior sacked his dad.”

Pete Dobson Vows To End ‘Hypejob’ Conor Benn

Dobson Appears Confident That He Will Upset Benn In Las Vegas

Peter Dobson expressed gratitude towards Matchroom for honoring their commitment and revisiting negotiations after a few previously scheduled fights fell through. He acknowledged Eddie Hearn as a principled figure in the process. Dobson, confident and assertive, conveyed his readiness to face Conor Benn.

He stated, “I’ve said yes to everyone Matchroom has given me. Agyarko, McCormack, and now Benn. Conor is coming to the US and going to get his ass whooped. He’s not his daddy. He never seen anyone like me. ‘Pistol’ Pete Dobson is about to ruin another Matchroom hype job. This time in the ring.”

Dobson’s words reflect his determination to seize the opportunity and make a statement by potentially defeating Benn, whom he perceives as part of Matchroom’s promotional hype.

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