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Conor McGregor Mocks Michael Chandler’s Physique With A Photo


  • McGregor asserts his comeback fight against Chandler will headline UFC’s International Fight Week, potentially in the middleweight division.
  • Chandler is known for putting on significant weight after fights and trains consistently whether he is actively fighting or not.
  • McGregor mocked Chandler’s physique in a tweet, sparking varied reactions among fans, and Chandler has already started preparations for the potential fight.

Conor McGregor has taken a dig at UFC rival Michael Chandler by sharing a post that compares their physiques at 185 pounds.

McGregor is asserting that his highly anticipated comeback fight against Chandler will headline the UFC’s International Fight Week on June 29. Despite the fight not yet being officially confirmed by the UFC, McGregor insists it will be contested in the middleweight division, marking both his and Chandler’s debut in that weight class.

Known for putting on significant weight after weighing in at 155 pounds for his fights, Chandler has gained as much as 30 pounds just weeks after some of his fight. He is also known to train whether he fights or not actively.

A fan posted a side-by-side picture of Chandler’s physique next to McGregor’s with the caption: “Michael Chandler at 185 pounds vs Conor McGregor at 185 pounds,” prompting McGregor’s response.


Michael Chandler Threatens To End Conor McGregor’s Career With Violent Prediction

Michael Chandler gives a chilling prediction for his upcoming fight against Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor Mocks Michael Chandler And Confirms He Is Next

McGregor Is Yet To Officially Book The Fight

McGregor not only reposted the image of himself and Chandler but also added a caption: “Coming soon on PPV muhahahaha.” This tweet from the Irishman sparked varied reactions among fans. Some remembered McGregor’s emphasis on skills over physique in the past, while others continued to encourage the Irish star to make his return to the octagon.

Initially associated with UFC 300, McGregor later announced that he would be making his comeback during International Fight Week in the summer. However, UFC CEO Dana White stated that the specific date and opponent for McGregor’s fight are yet to be confirmed.


Conor McGregor Announces His UFC 300 Main Event To Mock Michael Chandler

Conor McGregor makes a mock UFC 300 main event in response to Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler Is Committed To McGregor Fight Regardless Of Weight Class

He Has Threatened To End McGregor’s Career

Chandler revealed that he has already commenced preparations for the potential McGregor fight, even though it has not been officially confirmed. The buildup to the McGregor vs. Chandler matchup has been extensive. The two lightweights served as opposing coaches on “The Ultimate Fighter” reality series early last year, yet the UFC has been unable to officially announce the bout.

McGregor has been on a 2½-year recovery journey following a leg break against Dustin Poirier in July 2021. His extended absence from competition led to his removal from USADA’s mandatory drug-testing pool. Although he reentered the pool in October, the UFC parted ways with USADA at the end of 2023, initiating a new drug testing program in 2024.

Despite Chandler being ignored by McGregor for a significant part of the past year, the Irish superstar has targeted him in many social media posts seemingly building hype for their fight.

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