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Conor McGregor Next Fight Update From Dana White Contradicts His Announcement


  • McGregor’s anticipated return to the UFC faces delays as his announcement for his next bout appears to be premature.
  • McGregor’s involvement in the UFC’s split with USADA complicates his return.
  • Despite McGregor’s taunts, Chandler remains unfazed and confident in his abilities against McGregor.

Conor McGregor’s anticipated return to the UFC this year might face delays, as the Irish fighter’s announcement of his next bout against Chandler at middleweight on June 29 appears to have been premature. McGregor, who initially was expected to headline UFC 300, is now unable to participate in the historic event.

His involvement in the UFC’s split with USADA in December last year adds further complexity to his return. UFC CEO Dana White has provided insights into the organization’s current status regarding McGregor’s upcoming fight.

Dana White Reveals Conor McGregor Has No Opponent Confirmed

The UFC CEO Also Said His Returning Weight Class Is Undetermined

According to Aaron Bronsteter’s report, details such as the opponent, date, and weight class for Conor McGregor’s return to the UFC remain unconfirmed. This information was conveyed by UFC CEO Dana White during a conversation with Tim Micallef.

If White’s statement holds, it adds another obstacle to McGregor’s comeback plans, which he has touted as “the greatest comeback of all time” following an ankle injury in a 2021 trilogy bout against Dustin Poirier.

Despite McGregor expressing interest in facing an opponent other than Chandler after TUF 31, Chandler remains dedicated to the matchup.

The status of Conor McGregor’s participation in UFC 300 remains uncertain, as UFC CEO Dana White neither confirmed nor denied the possibility. White had previously mentioned that negotiations with McGregor had initiated during their time in the Middle East a few weeks ago.

Michael Chandler Unfazed By McGregor’s Taunts

Chandler Is Preparing For The Fight Regardless Of A Confirmation

Conor McGregor has kept Michael Chandler waiting for a fight, seemingly enjoying the delay. In a recent message, McGregor surprised by proposing a bout at 185 pounds, a significant increase from Chandler’s usual 155-pound lightweight division.

Chandler, unconcerned about the weight, believes McGregor’s move is merely a response to Chandler’s suggestion of fighting at 170 pounds, intending to assert dominance. Chandler, confident and ego-free, suggests McGregor’s attempt at mental warfare, once effective, has lost its impact.

In an interview with ESPN, Chandler said he believes McGregor’s skill set isn’t as formidable as it once was, and opponents like Poirier and Diaz aren’t affected by mind games.

“Look at Dustin Poirier, a mentally tough man. Look at Nate Diaz, a mentally tough man. These dudes didn’t care about that stuff because once the bell rang, all of that is over and we’re going,” Chandler said. “Conor’s skill set, I don’t think it’s where it used to be. I don’t think Conor is as scary as he used to be back in those days.”

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