Thursday, April 18

Conor McGregor’s Return to UFC Not as Simple as it Appears


  • Conor McGregor’s return date to MMA remains unknown, with Dana White expressing concerns about his health and no specific date confirmed.
  • White highlights the severity of McGregor’s leg injury and the challenges he faces in returning, comparing it to the recovery periods of other fighters.
  • McGregor’s financial stability and interests outside of MMA complicate his comeback, as he isn’t solely driven by monetary gain like other fighters.

The return date of Conor McGregor remains shrouded in mystery. By the time he makes his comeback, it will have been nearly three years since the UFC icon’s last MMA bout, which concluded abruptly due to a severe leg injury inflicted by Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. Dana White continues to express concerns about McGregor’s health and has refrained from confirming a specific return date. McGregor, aged 35, teased a comeback in early 2024 via a social media video, suggesting a middleweight bout with Chandler scheduled for June.

However, UFC CEO Dana White has contradicted this claim, indicating that the promotion is aiming for a return in the fall. UFC 300 has been discreetly considered as a potential comeback platform, particularly since the event lacks a confirmed main event. This scenario might change at the UFC 298 post-fight press conference scheduled for this weekend.

Dana White Continues To Play Coy About Conor McGregor’s Readiness For UFC Return

Dana White reiterates his lack of insight into Conor McGregor’s health status, citing the severity of the injury McGregor is recovering from. Drawing parallels to fighters like Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman who faced lengthy recovery periods after similar injuries, White underscores the challenges McGregor faces in his return.

“Well, first of all, he is coming back from one of the nastiest injuries you can come back from,” White told Kevin Iole. “How long was Anderson Silva out when he did it? How long was Chris Weidman out when he did it? You know, the guys who break that bone — so that’s an issue right there, Number 1.”

Furthermore, White emphasizes McGregor’s financial stability, asserting that McGregor’s comeback is complicated by the fact that he isn’t driven solely by monetary gain, contrasting McGregor with retired fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov.

“Number 2, Conor McGregor doesn’t need the f****** money. So, when you don’t need the money, it’s not as easy — I mean, Khabib [Nurmagomedov] doesn’t need the money. Khabib retired.”

McGregor himself has hyped his return as potentially “the greatest comeback in sports history,” likely against Michael Chandler. Despite McGregor’s sporadic sharing of training footage and continued involvement in combat sports events, White maintains that McGregor’s readiness for a fight is solely known to McGregor himself, highlighting the divergent priorities McGregor faces with his ventures in acting and business.

“I don’t know that. Only Conor knows that,” White responded when asked if McGregor is healthy enough to return. “These are questions for Conor McGregor, not me. I know he’s training. I don’t know what level of training he’s doing. I don’t know what level of kicking he’s doing right now. I don’t know any of that stuff.

White emphasizes the need for McGregor to commit fully to training for a fight, given his numerous external commitments.

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