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Crazy Wrestling Incidents Not Caught On Camera

Wrestling has a history of both on-screen and backstage tales captivating an audience about their careers. Cameras are now everywhere both by design and by nature with how society has changed. Recent eras have seen more wild things like CM Punk’s press conference rant or a fan attacking Seth Rollins caught on camera.


10 Backstage Wrestling Tales From the 1990s Fans Should Know

Let’s take a look at these backstage tales from the 1990s, which not only concern WWE and WCW, but also promotions like ECW and New Japan.

Past decades would see these moments hidden from the public with no physical proof when the story leaks. There are even some wild stories that avoided camera time in recent years due to how unexpected these moments were. Each of the following crazy wrestling incidents were not caught on camera for us to see.

Fans Saw The Controversial Promo Exchange But Not The Fight

  • Personal Animosity Existed For Over A Year Before Fight
  • Shawn Accusing Bret Of Having An Affair Caused Confrontation
  • Bret Was Pulling Out Shawn’s Hair Before Fight Broke Up

WWE witnessed Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels having the most personal rivalry that crossed the line many times. Things were usually kept backstage, but Michaels made it quite personal during a live in-ring promo one night.


5 Things Bret Hart Does Better Than Shawn Michaels (& 5 HBK Is Best At)

Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels are iconic rivals and fans still debate on which star was better. Each has a compelling argument for the top spot.

The comments from Michaels claimed that Hart had “Sunny days” thus implying an affair with Sunny. This caused Bret and Shawn to finally have a confrontation and fight before others pulled them apart. All this drama played into Hart leaving with the infamous Montreal Screwjob.

9 WCW Closing Doors On D-Generation X Invasion

The WCW Side Of This Historic Segment Wasn’t Shown

  • DX’s Goal Was To “Invade” WCW At Nitro Location
  • Almost Got Into Building With Back Entrance
  • WCW Security Closed Doors Before They Got Inside

The Monday Night Wars will be talked about forever in wrestling history given how unlikely and unprecedented it was. WWE constantly talks about D-Generation X attempting to invade WCW Nitro on a tank as a huge moment.

Fans did love it, but the segment was filmed earlier in the day hours before either show was live. However, WCW did have to close their doors when DX found an entrance and almost made their way into the competition’s building.

8 The Miz Getting Kicked Out Of WWE Locker Room

WWE Referenced The Story That We Never Got To See Ourselves

  • Had Massive Backstage Heat From Reality TV Background
  • WWE Wrestlers Kicked Him Out For Dropping Food
  • Dressed In Public Bathroom With Fans Before Shows

The earlier years of The Miz’s WWE career saw him becoming the most hated man in the locker room. Many wrestlers always had it out for Miz not liking his reality show background, but his biggest mistake was accidentally dropping crumbs over Chris Benoit’s bag.

Miz was kicked out of the locker room for months and not allowed to change with the rest of wrestlers. Fans saw Miz changing in the public bathrooms, but no camera footage ever existed of the shocking time.

7 Eric Bischoff Threatening To Bankrupt Ric Flair’s Family

Backstage Moment More Ruthless Than His Heel Character

  • Bischoff Felt He Had To Send A Message Through Flair
  • Made Things Too Personal With Locker Room Threats
  • Other Wrestlers Lost Respect For Bischoff’s Comments

WCW witnessed Eric Bischoff developing a vendetta against Ric Flair after he requested a day off to attend his son’s amateur wrestling match and no-showed when it wasn’t approved. Bischoff wanted to send a message to Flair and made things quite personal.

Flair was suspended by Bischoff and things reached the point of lawsuit threats. Various WCW wrestlers have admitted since then that Bischoff would tell the locker room he’d bankrupt Flair and harm his family, but it just made them trust him less.

6 Wrestlers’ Court Meetings Often Crossed The Line

WWE Would Get In Huge Trouble If This Happened Today

  • Undertaker Ran Wrestlers’ Court For Years Before Fans Knew
  • Young Wrestlers Were Often Put In Stressful Moments
  • Melina Allegedly Broke Down Crying Feeling Bullied

Many wrestlers took part in Wrestlers’ Court for WWE backstage problems. The Undertaker, JBL and others enforced these meetings if they felt a wrestler crossed the line, like the younger Hardy Boyz getting Kane’s plane ticket or Edge and Christian buying gifts for writers.

However, some of the stories felt downright cruel with Melina once breaking down and crying while a full group mocked her. The funny idea quickly turned into bullying if the wrong situation occurred, and WWE is fortunate this was never filmed.

5 Infamous Plane Ride From Hell With Multiple Crazy Moments

  • Resulted In Multiple Wrestlers Getting Fired & Fined
  • Dark Side Of The Ring Made It Bigger Topic Again
  • Flight Crew Was Terrified Of The Large Wrestlers

Dark Side of the Ring has found success looking into the crazy world of wrestling, and the episode about the Plane Ride from Hell was the most discussed. Ric Flair and Goldust were accused of crossing the line with female flight attendants.


What Happened To Every WWE Superstar Involved In The Plane Ride From Hell 

WWE’s “Plane Ride From Hell” is one of many controversial road incidents in wrestling history! Scott Hall and more suffered career losses from it.

Brock Lesnar and Curt Hennig having a fight terrified everyone on the plane given their strength and how difficult it was to control them. Other stories emerged painting multiple wrestlers and WWE in a bad light that resulted in a few names getting fired.

4 Steve Austin’s Infamous WWE Walkout After Brock Pitch

WWE Tried To Make Money Off The Incident Afterwards By Selling Drama

  • Austin Felt WWE Was Trying To Bury Him Vs Brock
  • Previous Months Of Booking Already Had Upset Mad
  • WWE Insulted Austin For Weeks On TV Afterwards

Few stories were as shocking or as important in the moment as Steve Austin walking out of WWE back in 2002. Austin was already livid at how he was being used with a terrible start to the year when WWE wanted him to lose to Brock Lesnar in a Raw match without build.

The frustration caused Austin to refuse to show up and leave his job for the rest of the year. WWE talked about it constantly for a few weeks and even had a Confidential episode dedicated to the story, but we never got to see or hear Austin outside of WWE’s account of his story.

3 Jonathan Coachman Getting Arrested As A Prank

Vince McMahon Made A Full Show Out Of Coach Getting Arrested

  • Coachman Running Footbal Bets In WWE Set Up Prank
  • Vince McMahon Convinced Cops To Pretend To Arrest Him
  • Coach Was Breaking Down Thinking His Career Was Over

Jonathan Coachman became one of the premiere broadcasters for WWE in the Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era. Vince McMahon loved Coach’s work, but he also viewed him as a target for a rather intense prank.

Coachman was setting up football bets, and it inspired McMahon to have cops pretend to arrest Coach. The prank went as far as Coachman being placed in a car in handcuffs while tearing up before everything was revealed.

2 AEW Brawl Between CM Punk & The Elite

We Saw What Caused The Fight But Not The Fight

  • Wild Press Conference Rant Was Streamed Live To See First Domino Fall
  • The Elite Approaching Punk Was Not On Camera When Fight Started
  • All Wrestlers Signed NDAs To Never Talk About Fight In Interviews

CM Punk trashing numerous co-workers during a live press conference is a moment that will live in wrestling history. The Elite received most of the insults from Punk and things escalated backstage quickly afterwards.

No one knows the full truth outside of punches being thrown and NDAs being signed by all parties. Fans saw Punk’s public issues with Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks, Jungle Boy, Adam Page, Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley and others, but the backstage confrontations will never be seen.

1 Bret Hart Punching Vince McMahon

All-Time Chaotic Moment After Montreal Screwjob Drama

  • Bret’s Documentary Got Footage Of Vince Stumbling Out
  • Rare Story Of Wrestling Knocking Vince To Ground For Real
  • Didn’t Make Amends Until Many Years Later After Bret Retired

Fans were confused watching the Montreal Screwjob unfold since WWE rarely broke kayfabe and no one knew what was really happening. The feed going off the air saw Bret Hart angrily destroying television monitors, but that was filmed and later shown.

Many pundits would argue that the biggest backstage moment in WWE history was Bret punching Vince in a locker room. Hart’s documentary team somehow got some minor footage before and after of McMahon limping, but we’ll never see the punch that knocked Vince to the floor.

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