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Critics Choice Award 2024: Margot Robbie’s Laudatory Words For “Barbie” Costar America Ferrera

The 29th Critics Choice Award had an exceptional moment for “Barbie” actress America Ferrera as she received one of the prominent and leading awards, the “SeeHer” Award. SeeHer is for those who have dauntlessly portrayed women on screen in an accurate way. America was honored by SeeHer for the role of Gloria in Barbie. Barbie star Margot Robbie presented this award to America and also showered some meaningful words towards Ferrera.

Margot Robbie is not just America’s co-actor, but they are both good friends with each other. While presenting that award, Margot introduced Ferrera in a very apt way. She said, “I feel extremely qualified to tell you she is authentic in everything she does.” She praised Ferrera’s on-screen qualities and her performing skills, saying “On screen, she plays characters that defy stereotypes, push boundaries, and inspire the next generation to see themselves as they are.”

Margot Robbie talked about her favourite quality of Ferrera that she handles the pressure fearlessly, and she always stands for the truth. “She is remarkably grounded, surprisingly silly, seemingly unaffected by the talent she possesses, and always, always on the right side of a cause”, Margot added. 

On the awards night, America Ferrera made an impression with her 30-second speech on stage. She made sure that everyone would laugh and, at the same time, she made everyone a little sentimental. She expressed her gratitude towards the filmmakers and writers who made it possible for all Latina actresses to put a life in fantastic women’s portrayals. 

All the ladies who watched Barbie felt connected to Gloria’s monologue in the movie, how she correctly pointed out the contrast in the situation of every woman. And that’s something which brought SeeHer to America Ferrera.  

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