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Dana White Declares Wife Slap Incident ‘Will Never Happen Again’


  • Dana White addressed the controversial incident with transparency, emphasizing his commitment to personal growth and ensuring it never happens again.
  • White prioritized his family’s well-being and his children’s perception of him, acknowledging the impact of his actions on their dynamic.
  • Despite facing severe criticism, White remains focused on learning from the experience and making necessary changes to prevent a recurrence.

In a recent interview, UFC CEO Dana White opened up about the highly-publicized incident that occurred during a New Year’s Eve party in Cabo back in early 2023. White was caught on camera having a drunken altercation with his wife, Anne, in which she slapped him and he slapped her back more than once.

White faced severe criticism for slapping his wife during the event, shared his perspective on the matter, shedding light on the aftermath and his personal reflections.

The details of the incident have remained sealed under Mexico’s privacy laws, but White’s comments offer a glimpse into the turmoil surrounding the event. Despite the controversy, White emphasized that the incident did little to halt the momentum of the UFC or its promotion of the controversial slap fighting promotion Power Slap.


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Dana White Reveals How Slapping His Wife Affected His Children

The UFC CEO Vowed That It Will Never Happen Again

Speaking on former ESPN anchor Sage Steele’s podcast, White addressed the criticism head-on, asserting that his primary concern was his family, particularly his children. He acknowledged the gravity of the situation, acknowledging the impact it had on his family dynamics. White recounted how he and his wife immediately focused on addressing the issue with their children, prioritizing their well-being above public perception.

“If you do things like that to your wife, your kids know. The list goes on and on, nobody knows you better than your kids do. They lived it. They live in the house for 18 to 20 years and they see what they see. My kids know who I am. My kids know what I’m about. That’s the only f***ing thing that matters to me.”

Reflecting on his actions, White admitted to making decisions to ensure such an incident would never happen again. He stressed the importance of self-reflection and personal growth in overcoming the challenges presented by the incident. Despite not facing any formal punishment, White expressed a commitment to learning from the experience and taking steps to prevent its recurrence.


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“I made some decisions in my life and things I needed to fix with myself to make sure that never happens again. That will never happen again, no matter what. Me and my wife have known each other since eighth grade, we’ve been friends since eighth grade and we’ve been married for almost 30 years. It’s weird and I think about it all the time, that that situation would play out on New Year’s Eve, basically on stage, in front of however many people all with phones aimed right at me, and boom, here we are. It was crystal clear how and why it happened. I had to take a look at myself and say we need to fix this and this can never happen again.”

Despite taking responsibility for the incident, White suffered no consequences as CEO of the UFC or from a legal standpoint.

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