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Dani Michelle is the stylist for Kendal Jenner and Hailey Bieber

Lately, fashion has returned to being comfortable, something original and avant-garde. This celebrity designer, Dani Michelle, talked about her journey on how she has been creating designs for models and celebrities that wow people.

She creates street style tests, sometimes finding up to 60 different designers from around the world to communicate with, from small labels with less than 1,000 followers to vintage retailers with one-of-a-kind pieces, in stores and showrooms in Paris, London, New York, and The Angels. She was recently interviewed about her experience styling Hailey Bieber and Kendal Jenner.

She talked about Hailey Bieber’s New York City look in a MISBHV pleated skirt, Saint Laurent coat and polo shirt. She completed the look with Proenza Schouler loafers, a Bottega Veneta bag, tights with socks, and a gorgeous pair of sunglasses. It was an effortless moment that we never knew she would hit so hard, but it was the embodiment of some work trends along with her new bob haircut making her debut.

Kendall Jenner is a client of stylist Dani Michelle. She worked in the accessories department of a fashion magazine in New York.

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‘The style was not something advertised. Once I understood that this creative position is a job, that was all I wanted to do. I moved to Los Angeles and found myself at Barney’s just five days later helping a stylist.’ (Hollywood reporter)

Over the years he had the privilege of creating and collaborating with many of the [Kardashian] She and her sisters Kendall met on set, actually on a few different sets, and every time we were together we would have these little creative moments that felt synergistic and collaborative. Timing in life is everything and although they met in 2018, we only officially started working together in 2020.

“Kendall wore a navy blue Bottega Veneta sweater with legging-style pants in Los Angeles. I first saw this look on the runway and immediately saved it for her in my moodboards. However, it requires a lot of alignment from inspiration to date. To date, I have seen an image that inspires future catwalks, street style and editorial style.” (Hollywood Reporter)

She also talked about the love of incorporating menswear into womenswear. She has always been interested in androgynous clothing; he loves loafers, blazers and shirts. For her, a woman doesn’t have to show everything to be sexy. Sometimes it’s the mystery of what’s sexiest inside the package.

This Stylist Helps Hailey Bieber And Kendall Jenner To Stand Out From The Crowd

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