Sunday, April 14

Darby Allin’s Mount Everest Trip Canceled Due To Injury On AEW Dynamite

Of course this happened in his last match before embarking on the journey of a lifetime.

Despite it being Sting’s last match, his tag partner Darby Allin was the one who made headlines at Revolution. The former TNT Champion dived from the top of a ladder in the ring through a strategically placed pane of glass at ringside. A brutal move that left Allin a bloody mess and a huge risk to take a month ahead of climbing Mount Everest. Despite the injuries he suffered at Revolution, Allin was still all good to climb the world’s tallest mountain. Then this match with Jay White happened on Dynamite.

Allin has confirmed a report from TMZ that he has broken three bones in his foot, suffering the injury while wrestling White on Dynamite. Allin has also confirmed the injury means he will no longer be able to climb Mount Everest in a few weeks and the trip will have to wait until next year. Nothing as risky as the glass spot happened in the match, and it was likely Allin’s last before departing for Everest, so of course that’s where a trip-canceling injury was going to take place.


Darby Allin Calls Out Kurt Angle For Letting WWE Ruin His Retirement

Darby Allin indirectly took shots at Kurt Angle for the way he let WWE dictate his retirement, calling Angle a not-so-flattering name in the process.

The injury appears to have been sustained very early on in the match, Allin performing a front flip out of the ring onto White and landing awkwardly. He was clearly in pain from that point on and the most impressive part of all this may well be how long the match went on after it happened. Despite breaking his foot in three places, Allin wrestled on for ten more minutes, masking the pain so well that fans didn’t know he was even hurt until Allin himself confirmed it days later.

One More Year

Allin wound up losing the match, further suggesting this was supposed to be the last time we saw him in AEW for an extended period as he was planning to take time off to climb Mount Everest. Allin will still be absent from AEW programming for the foreseeable future, but now his absence is due to a broken foot, not because he’s ticking something significant off his bucket list.

Allin had been talking about climbing Everest for a while, even admitting recently that he didn’t particularly care if he died while on the perilous journey, speaking on how much he has loved the last few years of his life and career. Here’s hoping Allin’s recovery is a quick one so he can do a little more wrestling before the window for him to climb Everest reopens in 2025.

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