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David Beckham Reveals Why He Roasted His Wife Victoria Over Her ‘Working Class’ Comment In The Documentary

Former English footballer David Beckham recently engaged in an insightful conversation with actor Sara Ali Khan during an interview held at the Meta office in Mumbai during his visit to India. The discussion primarily revolved around his newly released Netflix docuseries, ‘Beckham,’ which delves into various aspects of his life and career.

One particular highlight from the series captured attention, where David Beckham playfully roasted his wife, fashion designer, and former singer Victoria Beckham, as per a report by India Today. The humorous moment arose when Victoria mentioned their ‘working class’ background in the first episode of the series.

Recalling the incident, Beckham humorously addressed the scene during the Meta event, sharing, “I did a documentary with Victoria, where she talked about being working class (laughs), but the thing about that scene was that we were filming and Victoria never watched the stuff that I did and I didn’t watch what she did.” He continued, “So, I took my headphones on and I knew the stuff that she was going to say, but then I felt that ‘this is my moment’ and it was quite a funny moment.”

In the documentary, Victoria elaborated on their family backgrounds, mentioning their parents’ hard work ethic. However, a lighthearted exchange ensued when David intervened during the interview to playfully question Victoria’s description, asking about the car her father used to drive her to school. Amidst laughter, Victoria mentioned her father’s Rolls Royce, illustrating a different perspective on their upbringing.

The Beckham Netflix series offers an intimate look at their love story, with both spouses sharing personal narratives, providing an entertaining and engaging glimpse into their lives. David’s recent comments shed light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics of their documentary, emphasizing the amusing interplay between the iconic couple.

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