Thursday, April 18

Drew McIntyre Blasts CM Punk, Says Raw Doesn’t Want Him

Drew McIntyre opened this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw and called out CM Punk, potentially setting the stage for a future feud.


  • Jey Uso and Drew McIntyre engage in a fiery exchange, focusing early on CM Punk, with McIntyre expressing disapproval.
  • McIntyre pleads with Adam Pearce not to sign Punk due to his potential disruptive impact on the locker room.
  • McIntyre suggests that when Punk becomes his selfish self, Raw will regret it, setting the stage for a future feud.

The latest episode of WWE Monday Night Raw kicked off with a fiery exchange between Jey Uso and Drew McIntyre, with a surprising early focus on CM Punk. Uso said he was excited Punk was in the building to make a decision on his contract. He rallied the crowd to chant ‘Yeet,’ and a good portion of the live audience played along. Not McIntyre, who in response, openly expressed his disapproval of Punk joining Raw.

McIntyre then made a plea to Adam Pearce not to sign the ‘Best In The World’ due to his potential disruptive impact on the locker room.

“Adam Pearce, please hear me right now and trust me. Let him go. Nick Aldis, you can have him on SmackDown because trust me, we do not want CM Punk in that locker room. He will destroy this place from the inside out. I’m sorry, do you know him personally? I’m one of the few people that traveled the world with him, i know what he’s like, so i know how this story ends.”

Drew McIntyre calls out CM Punk

McIntyre’s strong stance against Punk continued as he addressed the crowd, suggesting they don’t know the real man and when he goes ‘full Punk’ and becomes the selfish guy McIntyre knows, Raw will regret it. When the audience expressed their dissent with boos, McIntyre shifted gears and took his aim at Jey Uso. It wasn’t a long shot at Punk, but it was certainly enough to set the stage for a future feud.

Fans took to social media to joke about the future angle, some suggesting McIntyre and Punk had an altercation backstage. Others took aim at AEW for failing to do with Punk what WWE has already started doing — blur the lines between wrestling and reality.


Backstage Report on Drew McIntyre’s Attitude at Raw This Week

Considering the rumors of Drew McIntyre being upset at Survivor Series, reports say his attitude was quite different during Monday Night Raw.

Could McIntyre And Punk Be A Future Rivalry?

As the WWE narrative unfolds between these two, on-screen tensions surrounding CM Punk’s potential return seem to be escalating. McIntyre’s strong words add a layer of intrigue, suggesting a future program between these two. This will likely happen after Punk finishes his expected program with Seth Rollins.

The ongoing storyline promises to captivate fans with its mix of real-world dynamics and a background story between these two. It sets the stage for a compelling narrative on the road to WrestleMania.

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