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Drew McIntyre Completes Heel Turn, Aligns Himself With The Judgment Day


  • Drew McIntyre’s recent heel turn has added a new layer of excitement and intrigue to the WWE landscape, particularly Survivor Series.
  • McIntyre’s alignment with the notorious faction, The Judgment Day, has made them an extremely powerful group within the WWE Universe.
  • McIntyre will have the opportunity to rejuvenate his character and potentially have a tremendous run as a bad guy, shedding his previously goofy babyface persona.

Over the past three years, Drew McIntyre has been one of the WWE’s top babyfaces. That all changed on Monday night when the Scottish Warrior seemingly became the Scottish Pyschopath again. Turning heel to close the show, McIntyre made his choice and aligned himself with the notorious faction, The Judgment Day.

The development unfolded during Monday Night Raw’s closing moments of the tag team championship match between Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes vs. Damian Priest and Finn Balor. With all remaining members of the WarGames team barred from the arena, it left an opening for McIntyre to make his move. Hey gave a Claymore Kick to Jey Uso to help Judgment Day retain their titles, all the while leaving fans in awe as McIntyre was spotted shaking hands with none other than Rhea Ripley, solidifying his allegiance to the group.

Ripley’s persistent efforts to recruit McIntyre over the past few weeks have finally paid off, and while the official status of McIntyre’s membership in The Judgment Day remains uncertain, his clear alignment with the faction has added a new layer of intrigue to the WWE landscape, particularly Survivor Series. With McDonagh a part of their WarGames team the possibility of a 5v5 men’s War Games match looms large.

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The timing couldn’t be more critical for Cody Rhodes and his team, who find themselves still short of one member at four, desperately needing to even the odds. Most believe that spot is going to be filled by Randy Orton, but there are teases that perhaps CM Punk could be the big surprise. It should all be revealed one week from this Saturday at Survivor Series.

This Should Rejuvinate Drew McIntyre

McIntyre’s heel turn has injected a fresh energy into the storyline and it should bring new life to his character. The turn will set the stage for a potentially tremendous run where he has the chance to embrace the bad guy role and drop the goofiness that he’s sometimes pulled off, and sometimes not as a babyface.

As the WWE Universe grapples with how to do the best for McIntyre’s character moving forward, one thing is certain – the landscape of Raw has certainly changed. If he’s officially part of Judgment Day, that group is beyond powerful now.

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