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Drew McIntyre Is Open To Taking A Break From WWE, Hasn’t Signed New Contract


  • Drew McIntyre is open to letting his current contract expire if necessary to take a break for his family after their recent loss.
  • WWE and McIntyre have yet to extensively discuss a new deal, but there is ample time for negotiation.
  • There are no reported issues between McIntyre and WWE management, and WWE wants to ensure he doesn’t jump ship to a company like AEW.

Just moments before Survivor Series kicked off on Saturday, reports surrounding Drew McIntyre’s contract negotiations circulated on social media, adding an unexpected layer of intrigue to his involvement in the WarGames match alongside Judgment Day. According to various sources, WWE and McIntyre have yet to engage in extensive discussions regarding a new deal.

PWInsider was the first to break the news, writing: “McIntyre has told those close to him that he is more than willing to let his current deal lapse if necessary and take a break for his family as they recently suffered the loss of his wife’s sister.”


The timing of these negotiations may or may not impact McIntyre’s portrayal at Survivor Series, particularly as he embarks on a significant push in a new heel character. Despite the looming uncertainty, WWE maintains a stance that there is ample time for negotiation. McIntyre is known for being confident in himself and his ability to land on his feet if his prospects of employment aren’t quite going as expected. WWE and McIntyre have reportedly been working at a new deal for some time. It’s logical to assume he knows his value and has a number in mind. With the changeover in ownership, it’s also logical to assume WWE wants to take their time and tread cautiously before commiting big money and term to keep McIntyre around.

Interestingly, McIntyre seems comfortable adopting a wait-and-see approach, prepared to take a break if necessary. This decision aligns with his expressed willingness to prioritize family, particularly following the recent loss of his wife’s sister.

His current deal is slated to expire shortly after Wrestlemania 40 in April 2024.

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McIntyre Seems To Be Playing At Cool

PWInsider sheds light on McIntyre’s perspective, noting that he has communicated his readiness to let the current deal lapse if needed, emphasizing the importance of a break for family considerations. While WWE appears content with the existing contract, citing the abundance of time for discussions, there are currently no reported issues between the two parties.

It is important that there are no signs of discord between McIntyre and WWE management. What the company doesn’t want is any indication he may jump ship to a company like AEW.

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