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Drew McIntyre Taught Himself To Lip Read Without Even Realizing

The Scot’s hearing is so bad, he’s been reading lips to hear people speak but didn’t even notice.

We might be a few weeks removed from Elimination Chamber, but some of the Superstars involved in the latest installments of the brutal match type are still feeling its effects. Drew McIntyre suffered a perforated eardrum during the match, making it hard for him to hear anything ever since. Not just because of the injury, but because 18 months ago, doctors revealed to McIntyre his hearing is a lot worse than he realized.

Self-Taught Lipreader

Speaking with Gorilla Position, McIntyre revealed a doctor told him he has taught himself to lip read without even realizing (H/T to SEScoops for the transcription).

I found out about a year and a half ago from an ear specialist, because I have bad hearing in general that I taught myself to lip read, which I had no idea… He had me put my fingers in my ears where I could still hear him… He slowly slipped up a piece of paper in front of his face and I was like ‘I can’t hear what you’re saying. you’ve lowered your voice.’ My wife was like ‘He hasn’t, it’s the exact same volume.’


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Does he have everybody’s attention now?

The doctor told McIntyre he was a smart guy and that he has unintentionally taught himself to lip-read because his hearing is so bad. However, now he has a perforated eardrum on top of the already bad hearing, McIntyre is finding it even harder to hear. The former WWE Champion didn’t reveal who it was that inflicted the injury as he didn’t want to throw them under the bus.


Wrestling With Hearing Loss

McIntyre not being able to hear much is problematic for a couple of reasons. Most of all when having to listen to an opponent cut a promo so that he can respond in kind. If the person cutting the promo turns away so McIntyre can’t see their lips, that presumably means he can’t really hear them. An even bigger issue will be when wrestling. Wrestlers covertly communicate with one another throughout the match, and since McIntyre won’t be able to see his opponent’s face in that situation most of the time, he might not be able to properly plan what to do next.

Clearly those things aren’t big enough problems that McIntyre needs time off to recover. Not only does the Scot continue to wrestle, but he’s on the road to one of the biggest matches of his career at WrestleMania 40. McIntyre will compete against Seth Rollins for the World Championship at WrestleMania. Now Rollins knows about McIntyre’s hearing, cue The Architect messing with him by turning away whenever they’re in the ring together.

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