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Drew McIntyre turns off Twitter and removes references to WWE

McIntyre continues to fan the flames of leaving WWE.

After leaving WWE to completely reinvent himself and return a few years later, drew mcintyre now it feels like WWE through and through. That’s why the reports that he might leave the company relatively soon came as a shock to most after WrestleMania. As McIntyre’s current WWE deal nears its end, he and his employers cannot agree on the terms of a new contract.

Drew McIntyre removes references to WWE

McIntyre has yet to be seen on WWE TV since losing to Gunther at WrestleMania and was apparently dropped from SmackDown last week amid reports that he may not sign a new deal. The Scottish superstar has further fanned the flames by removing her profile and header images on Twitter and all WWE references from her bio. It was previously said that she was a WWE Superstar on SmackDown.

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While that could well mean that McIntyre and WWE really aren’t anywhere close to agreeing on the terms of a new contract, it could also be that the Superstar is leaning towards the reports. Kevin Owens has previously done something similar to try and convince fans that he and WWE really didn’t see eye to eye. The difference here is nothing that revolves around whatever is going on with McIntyre that was seen on TV.

drew mcintyre launching himself out of the ring onto sheamus
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Should McIntyre go?

A visit to McIntyre’s locked Twitter page also reveals that he hasn’t tweeted anything since he posted three waving emojis the night after WrestleMania. More evidence that the former WWE Champion may really be walking out the door. Even though McIntyre has been one of the best for a while now, it would be hard to blame him for leaving if he wants out.

McIntyre won the WWE title and kept it relevant for much of the time superstars had to perform in empty buildings. It seemed clear that he would be the one to dethrone Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle, getting the big moment from him in front of a massive UK crowd as thanks for carrying the title during the pandemic. That didn’t happen. No victory at WrestleMania this year may well have been the last straw for McIntyre.

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