Wednesday, November 29

Dua Lipa wins copyright dismissal lawsuit for her levitating song

A federal court in Los Angeles recently threw out a copyright infringement lawsuit against Dua Lipa, songwriters Clarence Coffee Jr., Sarah Hudson and Stephen Kozmeniuk, as well as Warner Records. The lawsuit alleges that Lipa’s hit song Levitating copied elements of Florida reggae group Article Soundsystem’s 2017 “Live Your Life.”

US District Judge Sunshine Sykes on Monday approved the famed singer’s motion to dismiss the case, saying the Sound System article failed to provide sufficient evidence that the Levitating authors had access to their songs.

The judge rejected the group’s claim that the music was streamable and had been performed live in Florida, despite their claims to the contrary.

The court found Artikal Sound System’s claims about the number of CDs sold, as well as the frequency and venue of their performances, to be unspecific and insufficient. However, the honorable judge gave Artikal Sound System permission to file a new amended complaint before June 16 to improve their position.

In its 2022 court papers, the organization first demanded revenue for “levitating” as well as damages. The dismissal marks a temporary victory for Dua Lipa and the other defendants in the case.

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Dua Lipa Wins Dismissal Copyright Lawsuit Over Her Levitating Song

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