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Dumbest Tag Team Names In Wrestling History

Tag team wrestling has drastically evolved over the past two decades as companies have started to push duos as top acts in their promotion. What was considered to be a dying form in the world of professional wrestling, WWE‘s The Usos, New Day, Young Bucks, Briscoe Brothers, and more revived the audience’s faith in the art.


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However, there are times when promotions have not taken teams as seriously as they should and given them poor names with bad creative. While some teams have made the storylines and names work for the audience, others have failed to do so in one or the other aspect.

Voodoo Kin Mafia Was A Dumb TNA Idea

The New Age Outlaws’ New Name Was Designed To Mock Vince McMahon

  • Billy Gunn and Road Dogg formed Voodoo Kin Mafia
  • The tag team was created in TNA Wrestling
  • The act lasted nearly two years

Voodoo Kin Mafia was one of the strangest concepts in the world of professional wrestling. The team of Billy Gunn and Road Dogg, who went by Kip and B.G. James, created Voodoo Kin Mafia. The name was a shot at Vincent Kennedy McMahon and the two stars constantly fired shots at the Chairman of WWE during their run with TNA Wrestling.

It was one of the worst names ever for a tag team in the promotion, and it served no purpose other than taunting McMahon. The New Age Outlaws were promised some cross-promotion match against D-Generation X, which was canceled by Vince McMahon. The gimmick went nowhere after Triple H got injured, and the two stars had to drop the act in the coming months.

The B-Team Was A Ridiculous Name

Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel Were An Entertaining Act

  • Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel formed B-Team after the end of The Miztourage
  • B-Team are former RAW Tag Team Champions
  • Dallas and Axel were previously in Social Outcasts

In 2017, The Miz created his stable called The Miztourage, which consisted of Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. The two men often took the beating on The A-Lister’s behalf on Monday Night RAW during The Miz’s stellar run as the Intercontinental Champion. However, things kicked off for the duo after The Miz was traded to SmackDown the following year.

The team of Axel and Dallas entertained fans as they saw something new from the duo, who were stale on the main roster up until that point in their careers. However, the name B-Team did no favors to the duo as they elevated the level of comedy in the promotion. Regardless of the poor name, the duo became successful as they won the RAW Tag Team Championship.

The Outdated Spooky Act Of Hardy And Wyatt

The Name ‘Deleters Of Worlds’ Doesn’t Sound Good

  • The Deleters of Worlds are former RAW Tag Team Champions
  • Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt feuded for months before teaming up
  • Both stars went on a hiatus after their tag team run on RAW

In 2017, Matt Hardy became Broken/Woken Matt for the first time in WWE and fans loved it. However, the audience wasn’t behind Hardy or the storyline that followed in the coming months. After months of feuding with Bray Wyatt, Matt Hardy turned him around and the two stars started to team up every week on Monday Night RAW.

The two stars were given a horrendous rendition of their personalities as their tag team name was The Deleters of Worlds. The duo had the perfect in-ring chemistry and entertaining promo skills, but the tag team name did no favors as fans started to lose interest. Moreover, they started losing more often after they dropped the titles to The B-Team.

The Shining Stars – Stereotypical Use Of Epico and Primo

It Was Their Next Gimmick After Los Matadores

  • The Shining Stars was Epico and Primo’s third gimmick in WWE
  • The two were previously Los Matadores
  • Epico and Primo are former WWE Tag Team Champions

Epico and Primo were used in the tag team division for several years before they left WWE. After the failed run as Los Matadores, the duo debuted with a new gimmick called The Shining Stars. The name and the gimmick didn’t go far as the two were heels trying to trick people into visiting Puerto Rico.


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Apart from the poor name and stereotypical gimmicks, management barely used Epico and Primo during their days as The Shining Stars before they returned as The Colons. In 2020, they were both released from WWE due to budget cuts.

The Never Rise Of NXT

Ever-Rise Didn’t Set The World On Fire In WWE

  • Ever-Rise had a short run on WWE NXT
  • Angelo Parker and Matt Menard are currently signed with AEW
  • They joined the Jericho Appreciation Society alongside Daniel Garcia

After working on the independent circuit as 2.0, Angelo Parker and Matt Menard signed with WWE and worked on the developmental brand and went by Ever-Rise. The string of poor tag team names didn’t end in the promotion as it took them nowhere in the company before they were released and headed to All Elite Wrestling.

However, the duo chose another poor name after going by 2.0 when they added Daniel Garcia and went by 3.0. The only saving grace for Parker and Menard was working with Chris Jericho, who added them to the Jericho Appreciation Society and gave them new names in the promotion that slowly got them over as an act in AEW.

WWE Fans Had No Reason To Care About The Ascension

Konnor & Viktor Weren’t Successful On The Main Roster

  • The Ascension went through several changes in the beginning
  • Konnor and Viktor dominated the tag team division on NXT
  • The Ascension are former NXT Tag Team Champions

After multiple changes from starting as a stable to becoming a tag team, The Ascension went through a lot during their run in WWE. However, it’s the name that brought bad luck to the team instead of going to the top. The Ascension became one of the longest-reigning NXT Tag Team Champions before they moved to the main roster.

Unfortunately, the old regime didn’t take the name and the gimmick seriously as they weren’t inclined towards tag team wrestling at the time. The two became enhancement talents by the time they wrapped up with the promotion. Their team name didn’t do any favors, and it could’ve possibly gone differently under a different regime and time.

The Menagerie Was A Ridiculous Name

It Was Hard To Succeed With A Name Like This

  • The Menagerie made its debut in 2014
  • Knux and The Freak often teamed up during matches
  • The act ended after Knux was released from Impact Wrestling

In 2014, The Menagerie made their debut for TNA Wrestling. The group started with more questions than answers as fans wondered why the promotion booked its wrestlers in a circus act. The name was off-putting but not more than the entire act, which lasted for over a year.

The stable worked in the tag team division and members often explored other options as well but failed to make any impact. However, the audience never got behind the circus act, and it eventually ended when Knux, the leader, was released from the promotion.

Long Story Short… They Weren’t The Men Of The Year

The Team Was Directionless In AEW

  • Men of The Year started with Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky
  • The two never won the AEW Tag Team Championship
  • Men of The Year recently reunited at ROH Final Battle 2023

In 2021, Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky formed Men of The Year in All Elite Wrestling. The two showed promise as a tag team as both wrestlers had prior experience in tag team wrestling. However, the name didn’t stick with the fans as the two never reached the top of the promotion. Later, Men of The Year became a faction when American Top Team, Dan Lambert, and Paige VanZant joined the duo.

The stable feuded with The Inner Circle for a while, but the name Men of The Year didn’t help them. Eventually, it ended when Scorpio Sky became the TNT Champion and Ethan Page went away for a while. The team tried its best but never became the men of the year in the promotion.

The Beaver Boys Couldn’t Get Over On The Big Stage

They Joined The Dark Order In AEW

  • Beaver Boys have won tag titles on the independent circuit
  • Alex Reynolds and John Silver also appeared on SmackDown
  • They joined Dark Order after a while in All Elite Wrestling

Before Alex Reynolds and John Silver joined the Dark Order, they were known as the Beaver Boys on the independent circuit. The two were an entertaining act while working with Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), Evolve Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG). However, the name was forgetful at best, as fans were entertained by their comic timing and in-ring abilities.


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Later, they signed with All Elite Wrestling, and they decided to use the name for their run in the promotion in the tag team division. In a matter of a few weeks, Tony Khan decided to ditch the name as it didn’t work, and they were involved in a storyline that ended up with them joining the Dark Order. It’s been nearly four years and the two are never addressed as Beaver Boys in the promotion.

RK-Bro Were Amazing Together, But The Name Is A Bit Weird

WWE Has A Bad Habit Of Mixing Up Names Sometimes

  • RK-Bro was created after WrestleMania 37
  • Randy Orton and Matt Riddle are former two-time RAW Tag Team Champions
  • RK-Bro ended after Matt Riddle was released from WWE

Randy Orton has been a legend and a Legend Killer in WWE for nearly two decades. The Viper has done it all in the promotion and isn’t getting younger, which is why he decided to focus on working with new stars in the promotion. He agreed to team up with Matt Riddle, who wanted to team up with The Apex Predator and worked with him as his partner on Monday Night RAW.

However, the name given to RK-Bro under Vince McMahon’s leadership was stale. The two stars provided entertaining segments at times and stellar matches, but the overall creative behind the team’s name failed them in the long run.

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