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Edge Debuts In AEW As “The Rated R Superstar” Adam Copeland


  • Tony Khan delivered on his promise of a “new era” for AEW with Adam Copeland’s much-anticipated debut at AEW WrestleDream.
  • Copeland’s arrival is a massive win for AEW, as he brings legendary status and a fresh star power to the main event scene.
  • Fans are excited to see what Copeland can do in AEW, as he opens up multiple dream match possibilities as both a singles and tag team competitor.

Tony Khan promised a “new era” for AEW following WrestleDream, and he delivered on his promise in a big way. Adam Copeland, formerly known in WWE as Edge, made his much-anticipated AEW debut following the main event of AEW WrestleDream.

You Think You Know Him

edge aew debut

Darby Allin challenged Christian Cage for the TNT Championship in a Two out Of Three Falls Match in his hometown of Seattle in the main event of AEW WrestleDream. It was an intense match, with Darby sneakily getting the first fall using Christian’s turtleneck against him, and Cage winning the second fall by countout following a vicious steel steps spot.

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The third fall came after a Nick Wayne heel turn, where he nailed Darby Allin with the TNT title and helped his new father figure Christian retain his championship. The two would continue to beat down Darby following the match, which drew out Sting to make the save. Unfortunately, the good guys were outnumbered again when Luchasaurus came out, and set up Sting for a deadly conchairto.

And then, it went to black. A video package played, showing a man driving down to the venue.

“You think you know him.”

The familiar sound of Alter Bridge’s Metalingus blasted through the arena and the crowd erupted as “The Rated R Superstar” Adam Copeland made his way to the ring. He teased using the chair on Sting, but ultimately clobbered the heels with it, spearing both Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne to a raucous ovation. Copeland stared down his long time-partner and best friend Christian, as he celebrated with Sting and Darby Allin.

“The Rated R Superstar” Adam Copeland Is All Elite

Adam Copeland’s arrival in AEW is a massive win for Tony Khan considering he’s a legendary wrestler that is still actively performing. He might be in the final stages of his in-ring career, but he still seems to have a lot of gas left in the tank.

Copeland provides a fresh coat of paint for AEW and injects a new star into the main event scene. There are multiple dream matches for The Rated R Superstar in AEW, both as a singles and tag team competitor. Fans are anxiously awaiting to see what he can do in AEW, where he will be used as a full-time competitor, as he mentioned in the post-show media scrum.

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