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Every Entrance Attire Of Undertaker’s WWE Career, Ranked

From the very moment that Ted DiBiase announced his mystery partner for the 1990 Survivor Series as The Undertaker, fans were instantly fascinated. The Funeral Dirge entrance theme had plenty WWE fans spooked, but fascinated nevertheless. For thirty years, The Phenom made his bones by digging holes and taking souls and became the most popular WWE character of all time.


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The Undertaker became a huge WWE legend thanks to his WrestleMania Streak. However, The Deadman also had great matches at other events.

Like any great superstar, The Phenom knew all too well about the power of an entrance. He always made sure he had amazing entrance gear. Even during the Biker Taker days, he would have the sweetest motorcycles instead of the heavy trenchcoats and dusters that made himself famous.

10 Big Evil (2002-2004)

Ol’ Booger Red’s Gonna Make You Pay

  • Undertaker Originally Thought He’d Become The American Badass For The Rest Of His Career
  • The Iconic Raw Main Event Against Jeff Hardy Happened During This Era
  • Thankfully, Jim Ross’ Booger Red Nickname Did Not Stick

While he was still riding motorcycles to the ring during this time, The Deadman quickly realized riding a bike to the ring whilst wearing a trench coat might look pretty cool with a long coat flowing through the air. But that long trenchcoat can also get caught in the bike real fast. During this time, he opted just to wear whatever Deadman, Inc / Big Evil shirt he was wearing at the time.

9 OG Deadman (1990-1994)

Instantly Captivating WWE Fans

  • In A World Of Colorful Eighties Babyfaces And Villians, The Literal “Man In Black” Stood Out
  • The Undertaker Was Afraid He Was Coming Out Of The Egg To Become The Eggman
  • When He Defeated Hogan, He Was Then The Youngest WWE Champion In History

For Vince McMahon’s original vision of the character, he wanted an old school western undertaker. That meant a long black duster, a broad tie, and a big black open crown hat.


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It seems completely basic nowadays. But way back when, in the land of colorful superstars all over the place, the basic black entrance gear stood out a lot more than one might think.

8 Purple People Reaper (1994-1996)

The Undertaker Faced Himself At SummerSlam 1994

  • The Underfaker Was Played By Taker’s Real Life Cousin, Brian Lee
  • Uber Talented Artist Jerry Lawler Was Able To Draw Taker’s Reaper Tattoo Onto Brian Lee Whenever The Need Arose
  • Brian Lee As The Undertaker Cameoed In A Bollywood Movie During This Time

After 900 heels helped Yokozuna bury The Phenom at Royal Rumble 1994, he ascended to the heavens. Several months later, he was doing just fine again and ready to return. Ted DiBiase had tried to swindle WWE fans into believing that he had once again brought The Undertaker to the WWE. Until Paul Bearer returned to say he had found the real Deadman. When The Phenom properly returned at SummerSlam to face The Underfaker, he came back with a new color scheme. Instead of black and gray, he wore black and purple.

7 The Batman Of WWE (Survivor Series 1996)

The Phenom’s Revenge At Survivor Series

  • While Used Only This One Time, The Image Of Taker With Batwings Is Iconic
  • For The Match Against Mankind At Survivor Series, Paul Bearer Was Locked In A Shark Cage
  • Terry Gordy As The Excecutioner Arrived To Save Paul Bearer

For several years, The Deadman would wear the black and purple until he ran afoul of Mankind. For the first time in…well, ever, The Undertaker was faced with a true challenger. Paul Bearer had also shockingly turned his back on Taker as well. When they collided again at the 1996 Survivor Series, he descended from the top of the arena, adorned with bat wings. Bat wings and a tear on his face.

6 “Dead” Pirate Roberts (1996-1997)

The Phenom’s Entrance Gear Gets More Intricate

  • As Dark As The Undertaker Was, Here Is Where He Started Getting Darker
  • Became The Seventh Man To Win The WWE Title At A WrestleMania
  • Bruce Prichard Affectionately Referred To His Friend As A Pirate During This Time

After The Undertaker defeated Mankind at the Survivor Series, he kept the faux-teardrop tattoo, ditched the wings and started wearing a long leather sleeveless trenchcoats with all sorts of buckles as fasteners.


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While he wore this style mostly during the New Generation Era and early Attitude Era, it was this style that would help to define all others for the rest of his career.

5 WrestleMania 14 & WrestleMania 15

The Undertaker Battled Kane And The Big Boss Man At WrestleMania

  • As WrestleMania Got Bigger, So Did The Deadman’s Entrances
  • Hell In A Cell Against The Big Boss Man Is Widely Panned
  • WrestleMania 14 Was His First Match Ever Against Kane

For his battle with his evil younger brother Kane, The Deadman drew power from the flames. He entered WrestleMania 14 with a massive version of the sleeveless trenchcoats he had been wearing to the ring. This one added a huge collar to the coat. Not only did it certainly protect Taker’s hair from getting burned by the massive torches, but also helped solidify The Lord Of Darkness as such. One year later, as The Ministry Of Darkness was forming, The Lord Of Darkness opted for a massive cape to reign terror with as he hung The Bossman and the fans all cheered for a public hanging on Pay-Per-View.

4 The Ministry Of Darkness (1998-1999)

The Deadman Was As Evil As Ever During This Time

  • The Undertaker And The Ministry Started Strapping Several Superstars And Divas To His Symbol As A “Sacrifice”
  • Before Aligning With Vince McMahon, The Undertaker Famously Burned Stephanie McMahon’s Childhood Teddy Bear In Front Of Vince
  • This Version Of The Deadman Is Perhaps His Most Evil

As Mark Calaway began to believe more and more that he was in fact the powerful demonic Undertaker, he began collecting a menagerie of wrestlers to follow him as part of his Ministry Of Darkness. During this time, The Deadman began wandering around like a dark cult leader (is there really any other kind?). He’d wear ceremonial velvet robes – all the better to crucify people with.

3 The American Badass (2000)

Undertaker Returned From Injury With A Different Look

  • After Rehabbing From An Injury, The Deadman Returned As The American Badass
  • Fans Got To Hear, See, And Learn A Lot More About The Real Mark Calaway Through This Incarnation
  • The Undertaker Infamously Wrestled In Snake Skin Patterned Pants At The 2000 Survivor Series

After an injury sidelined The Lord Of Darkness for several months, he made an interesting decision. Rather than simply return as the undead wrestling zombie from beyond the grave, he became a version of himself – Mark Calaway. As The American Badass, he was able to show slightly more emotion, but still be that fearsome competitor. He’d ride to the ring on all sorts of beautiful motorcycles, while wearing a slick leather duster that flowed through the wind for the few seconds he rode to the ring.

2 The Return Of The Reaper (WrestleMania 20)

The Deadman Returned For The Rest Of The Undertaker’s Career

  • After Spending Several Years As A Biker, The Phenom Returned At WrestleMania 20
  • Originally In A Simple Black Jacket And Hat, He Would Begin To Experiment More As The Years Went On
  • He Defeated Kane In His Return At WrestleMania 20

After almost four years as The American Badass or Big Evil, it was time to return to basics. After Kane helped Vince McMahon bury Deadman, Inc. the gongs would start tolling for Kane and distracting him at the most inopportune times.


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At WrestleMania 20, it all began again when Paul Bearer once again led The Phenom to the ring in full Undertaker regalia – The Deadman had risen.

1 The Necronomicon (2017-2020)

When Wayward Souls Need To Be Reaped, Except No Substitutes

  • The Phenom Debuted This Gear At WrestleMania 33
  • When He Left It In The Ring, Fans Thought He Was Retiring
  • Except For The Boneyard Match, Undertaker Wore This Gear Until The End

For the last several years of his career, while the look seemed traditional, The Reaper looked towards pop culture for the first time in his career – at least when it came to his entrance gear. Inspired by the Book Of The Dead, The Necromonicon, Taker had one of his final trenches be reminiscent of the Lovecraftcrian / Evil Dead fictional book of magic. As someone who once spoke in tongues and commanded a legion of WWE wrestlers, it wasn’t that surprising and made for fitting final ring gear for The Phenom.

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