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Every WWE Attitude Era Wrestler That Is Still Wrestling

Twenty-five years is a long time for any career. For example, Mick Foley’s full-time in-ring career spanned around fourteen years, as did Steve Austin’s. Given how extreme the Attitude Era was and how many envelopes it pushed, it seems almost impossible that many wrestlers from the time could still be around – either full-time or semi-actively. Nonetheless, there are at least ten wrestlers that are still gracing our television screens on a regular basis and wrestling more often than not.


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The following list mentions wrestlers that were featured on weekly shows in WWE‘s Attitude Era and are still featured weekly today. There would be a lot more wrestlers that are active on a part-time basis (for example D-Lo Brown, Ken Shamrock, or the Headbangers) but for the purposes of this article, let’s stick to those wrestlers that are as present today as they were a quarter-century ago.

10 Chris Jericho: The Man Of A Thousand Faces

From Milquetoast Babyface To Charismatic Main Eventer

  • Began the Attitude Era in WCW as a babyface
  • Became a main eventer in WWE
  • First AEW World Champion

Nobody on this list has undergone as many gimmick changes (while essentially remaining the same) as Chris Jericho. Jericho began the Attitude Era turning heel in WCW and becoming one of the most entertaining heels as the Cruiserweight Champion. He ended the Attitude Era in WWE as the Intercontinental Champion, opening up WrestleMania 17. Only six months later, Jericho won his first world title. Since then, he’s headlined WrestleMania, WrestleKingdom, and All Out and is currently still a full-time talent in AEW with a contract that will keep him on board for many more years.

9 The Big Show: The Ever-Turning Giant

From Rookie With Unlimited Potential To Wise Veteran

  • Debuted in WCW as kayfabe son of Andre the Giant
  • Went from WCW to WWE during Attitude Era
  • Currently signed to AEW

The Big Show’s career almost ended at the start of the Attitude Era after being dropped on his head by Kevin Nash at Souled Out 1998. Thankfully, the giant survived relatively unscathed. A year later, Paul Wight found himself in WWE debuting under his real name before switching to the Big Show name. During his WWE tenure, Big Show turned numerous times between babyface and heel to the point where it became almost a running gag. Today, he is part of AEW but limits his in-ring time due to various health issues, partially connected to his incredible size.

8 Jeff Jarrett: The Man Of A Thousand Roles

From Promoter Son to Promoter

  • Switched from WCW to WWE and back in Attitude Era
  • Founded TNA with father Jerry Jarrett
  • Currently signed to AEW in backstage role and as on-air talent

Jeff Jarrett started the Attitude Era returning to the WWE from WCW. After some initial directional issues, Jarrett settled into a more contemporary role with short hair and Debra by his side. Jarrett spent most of his time in the midcard before dropping the title to Chyna, though not before squeezing an extra payment out of Vince McMahon.


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He left for WCW again where he eventually won the World Title three times in the dying promotion. After WCW closed, Jarrett wrestled for WWA and opened up TNA with his father Jerry. Despite his previous issues with McMahon over the extra payment, Jarrett returned to the company to help promote their live events. He eventually left the company and joined AEW in a similar role where is now wrestles regularly, often in tag team matches alongside Jay Lethal.

7 Dustin Rhodes: The Comeback Kid

From Personal Issues to Role Model

  • Left WWE in 1999
  • Se7en WCW gimmick was dropped immediately
  • Currently in AEW as wrestler and producer

Dustin debuted in the WWE in 1995 as Goldust. During the Attitude Era, Dustin first changed his gimmick into the extreme Artist Formerly Known as Goldust but dropped that rather quickly. He left the WWE in 1999 for WCW where his Seven gimmick was immediately dropped as well and he began wrestling as Dustin Rhodes again. He spent the rest of the Attitude Era in WCW until the company closed down. Throughout the years, Dustin had his personal struggles but he has overcome all adversity and enjoyed a renaissance in 2014 alongside brother Cody in WWE. Today, the 54 year-old is actively involved in AEW as an on-air talent, trainer/coach, and producer.

6 Billy Gunn: The Ageless Wonder

From Mr. Ass to Daddy Ass

  • Integral part of DX during Attitude Era
  • Currently signed to AEW as wrestler and producer

Billy Gunn had been around WWE for years before the Attitude Era started but his career had floundered between the split of the Smoking Gunns and Rockabilly. But by the end of 1997, Billy would enter his most successful time as part of the New Age Outlaws. He even won the King of the Ring tournament in 1999 and the Intercontinental Title in 2000.


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Gunn stuck around with WWE until 2004 before joining TNA. After another stint with the WWE in the mid-2010s, Gunn joined AEW after its inception and is currently working alongside the Acclaimed. Despite being 60 years old, Gunn still looks jacked and is wrestling every once in a while.

5 Taka Michinoku: The Overlooked Cruiserweight

From Lightheavyweight Pillar to Comedy Figure

  • First WWE Light-Heavyweight Champion
  • Founded his own promotion JTO

Taka Michinoku started his WWE run as a guest, facing Great Sasuke in exhibition matches to hype the new light-heavyweight division in the summer of 1997. By winter, Taka had signed with WWE and became the company’s inaugural light-heavyweight champion. However, the division flopped and Taka quickly found himself as a member of Kaientai. After Teoh and Dick Togo left the company, Taka continued to team with Funaki until 2001, mostly as a comedy tag team. Today, Taka is still appearing for New Japan and owns his own promotion Professional Wrestling Just Tap Out.

4 PCO: The Late Bloomer

From Quebecer To French Canadian Frankenstein

  • Teamed with Jacques Rougeau in WWE and WCW
  • Won the WCW Hardcore Title in 2000
  • Recent career renaissance as PCO in independents, RoH and TNA

The renaissance of Pierre Ouellet as PCO in recent years is a fascinating story. Pierre started his mainstream career in the WWE in 1993 and remained on American televisions almost without interruption until 1998. After another brief stint in WCW in 2000, Pierre seemed to have disappeared. In the fall of his career, Pierre reinvented himself as the French Canadian Frankenstein and has become a two-time RoH World champion.

3 Edge & Christian: The Best Friends

From Young Risk Takers To Retired Veterans

  • Won the WWE Tag Team Titles seven times in one year
  • Were both retired at one time due to injuries
  • Both currently signed to AEW

Edge and Christian both debuted on WWE TV in 1998. They quickly established themselves as a tag team and won the WWE tag team titles seven times within a year. Both were told they would never wrestle again, Edge as a result of ongoing neck injuries in 2011 and Christian due to concussions in 2014. Both men returned in 2020 and 2021, respectively, and are currently among the highlights in AEW during the twilight of their career.

2 Hardy Boyz: The Bump Machines

From Crazy Bumps to Crazy Gimmicks

  • Worked as enhancement talent as teenagers in WWE
  • Held tag team titles in WWE, TNA, and RoH
  • Currently signed to AEW

The Hardy Boyz had been on WWE television as jobbers as teenagers and started getting their first wins in 1998. They turned into one of the defining tag teams during the Attitude Era and had a legendary feud with the Dudley Boyz and Edge & Christian. Despite the crazy bumps both brothers have taken throughout their career, they are still going strong in AEW – although those bumps have seemingly caught up with them and slowed them down. In a way to get around that, Matt (and Jeff) previously turned towards a ‘broken’ gimmick.

1 Bully Ray: The Last Dudley

From Stuttering Simpleton to Dastardly Heel

  • Went from ECW to WWE during Attitude Era
  • Former TNA World Champion and leader of Aces & Eights
  • Currently signed to TNA

At the start of the Attitude Era, Bully Ray was an integral part of ECW as the stuttering Buh-Buh Ray Dudley before moving to the WWE in September 1999. He and D-Von spent six years with the company before leaving for TNA where Bully became a singles star as Bully Ray. As the leader of the Aces & Eights, Bully became a TNA world champion. After leaving the company and touring the independents, Bully Ray is now back in TNA as a special attraction.

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