Tuesday, November 28

Fan Throws Drink At Cardi B; Rapper, In Anger, Throws Mic In Response

Rapper Cardi B is making headlines as she gets into a scuffle with a fan during a live show. The video of the incident is going viral on social media, clearly showing a fan throwing a drink at the rapper, leaving her in shock.

This act angered Cardi, leading her to throw a mic at the fan. Shortly after, her security personnel rushed to the stage to calm the situation down.

After the show, Cardi took to her Twitter account and posted the video with the caption ‘Jealous Ass Bitch!’. However, despite the altercation, she is receiving appreciation from netizens. Commenting on the video, one user wrote, “She deserved it, she shouldn’t have done that.” Another fan said, “She did what needed to be done! People need to stop throwing stuff at performers!” and added, “Finally, a celebrity fighting back.”

Several others also expressed their support, recognizing that throwing objects at artists during performances is disrespectful. One user stated, “People need to stop throwing things at artists. It’s actually gotten out of control – like they aren’t human in your eyes.” Another user defended Cardi’s actions, saying, “I don’t blame Cardi B. These concerts now, people have no respect for anyone, especially the artists. If you treat me with disrespect, you get disrespected back, period.”

This incident is not the first time an artist has been struck with an object during a performance. In the past, Rapper Drake was hit with a mobile phone during one of his live concerts.

It is evident that artists’ safety and respect during performances are significant concerns, and incidents like these highlight the need for concert-goers to behave responsibly and show consideration for the performers.

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