Thursday, November 30

Fans Believe This One Released Wrestler Will Be A Target For AEW


  • Dolph Ziggler’s release from WWE has sparked speculation that he could join AEW, where fans believe he would thrive and have the opportunity to face top talent like Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay.
  • Ziggler’s versatility and in-ring skills would make him an instant top performer in AEW, whether as a tag team competitor or a singles star in Ring of Honor.
  • AEW’s lighter schedule and potential promotion of Ziggler’s stand-up comedy career make it an appealing option for him, and his experience and respect in the locker room would be valuable to the company.

After WWE released a handful of main roster and NXT stars on Thursday, one particular star is getting some attention, at least when it comes to the names released that might be on the radar of AEW. That star is Dolph Ziggler, who many believe would be an ideal fit and has connections to the wrestling promotion.

Ziggler is a very well-respected, but often under-appreciated wrestler who had a fantastic run in WWE, but fans believe is capable of so much more. The idea of seeing him against guys like Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay has wrestling fans salivating and based on some previous interactions with his real-life brother Ryan Nemeth — who is currently employed by AEW — there’s no reason to think that Ziggler won’t be among Tony Khan’s first calls.

Dolph Ziggler

The second he walks into AEW, he becomes one of their top in-ring workers and a major star who would be immediately believable as a main event performer. Maybe he could tag with his brother and instantly compete for the tag team championships. Or, he could go to Ring of Honor and win the title there without anyone blinking an eye. That’s how well-rounded and versatile he is.

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The fact that Ziggler also has career aspirations outside of wrestling makes AEW an interesting draw. A part-time stand-up comic, AEW’s lighter schedule would allow Ziggler to perform more often and transition into that life a lot more than he already has. It’s likely AEW would promote him in that regard as well, potentially working that into his character on AEW programming.

Finally, if AEW is looking for an experienced vet with a locker room cache, they’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who has been around and worked with more people than Ziggler. A nearly 20-year career means he’s seen and done everything. He’s the kind of guy you could bring in and behind the scenes, he would immediately garner respect. The AEW locker room could probably use a lot more of that.

Ziggler Just Makes Sense In AEW

The fan base in AEW would accept him, the AEW roster would love to work with him and could tear down the house with their in-ring work, and Tony Khan, is a match-maker more than he is a booker. The idea of adding someone like Ziggler to his roster has to have him excited.

If Ziggler isn’t done with wrestling, this fit just makes too much sense.

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