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Fight Forever Sequel (and 5 We Don’t)

AEW: Fight Forever has proven to be a hit with most gaming fans thus far, being an impressive departure for AEW’s first attempt at creating a video game. So much so that there is already a demand for a sequel, and fans are hoping that there will be a confirmation of another installment in the future.

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While it may be a while before it’s officially announced, if the game is a financial success, there’s no doubt that Tony Khan will be looking to do it again. However, with any sequel, there are things that audiences would like to see incorporated, while there are other elements that people hope the company will avoid a second time around.

10 We want: more minigames

AEW Fight Forever Minigames Cut Out

Something that this video game has done that other fighting games have not done is add mini-games. It’s an idea that’s certainly out of the box, but that’s what makes it so special. There are plenty of options and adding even more in a potential sequel is something fans would like to see.

The games offer a nice break from the general gameplay and can also be enjoyed by non-wrestling fans because they just provide an element of fun, which is ultimately what video games are all about.

9 Don’t Want: Fighter Scan

Motion Capture of Shane McMahon Cropped

This is something that might divide some people, as the idea of ​​scanning wrestling and using the move limit might be fun for some. However, if AEW did that, it would end up being similar to the 2K series and that’s not something the company should push for.

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While the scanning talent provides a more realistic look, the reason this game felt unique is the arcade style and cartoonish look. Keeping it that way while you polish things up a bit would be the best way to go.

8 We want: Longer posts

Hikaru Shida AEW Fight Forever entry

Many wrestling fans like to skip tickets in video games to jump right into the action, but tickets are often a big part of the overall product. Fans love being able to see the different taunts, hear the music, and allow comments to add some backstory to things during the entry.

This game saw the entrances very short, allowing the game to be snappy in terms of getting into the action, but fans would like them to be longer. You can always add a skippable option, but having longer inputs wouldn’t hurt.

7 I don’t want: Low blows in WWE

Brock Lesnar F5 Adam Pearce.

There is certainly a time for blows to be traded between WWE and AEW, but inside a video game is not the place to do it. Something that fans might not have noticed within this game is the fact that fans can add Brock Lesnar’s F5 finisher, which is a move people love.

However, the company called it ‘Diverticulitis’, which is a legitimate condition he suffered from. This was an unnecessary decision that felt tacky rather than fun, and not making those kinds of calls again would be prudent, as this is something people don’t want.

6 We want: the complete list


An easy example of something fans want from a possible sequel is simply having the full roster of playable characters. While it’s likely impossible to get everyone involved, as certain signings come too late in the game’s development, it would be fun to add a lot of the talent that isn’t in this version.

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There are some big names on the AEW roster that aren’t a part of this game, from Saraya and Toni Storm to The Acclaimed, and putting them on is something that would entice fans of those wrestlers to get involved.

5 I don’t want: so many failures


Any video game is going to provide the odd glitch, and that’s certainly been true over the years with wrestling video games. However, this has had a lot going on from the start, and that’s something people would like to change for a potential sequel.

Just having more time should allow for that as well, as it will lead to more bugs being addressed as issues become clearer due to more fan involvement and play.

4 We want: a GM mode


One of the most popular aspects of fighting games in the past has been GM modes, and while AEW doesn’t have GMs like WWE, that doesn’t mean they can’t implement this. The company has three different shows currently, so it would be easy to add this idea.

Audiences would love to be able to split the list and compete against the other shows, especially since Tony Khan drives the ratings online anyway. It would be something different and could be a big draw for a potential sequel.

3 I Don’t Want: An NJPW Partnership

Minoru Suzuki slaps Darby Allin

In real life, AEW prides itself on its association with NJPW, and it’s something that’s pushed a lot in the days of the forbidden door event. However, wrestlers end up showing up regularly from all over the world, and that could lead to AEW wanting to bring NJPW stars into the next game.

It would certainly be an exciting idea, but it’s about walking before you run. Right now, the company should focus on filling the game with more AEW roster members before deciding to add people from a different company.

Excalibur and Jim Ross making comments.

One of the biggest weaknesses of AEW fight forever was the comment as there just isn’t enough of it. There is a lot of dead air in the game because not enough comment lines were recorded to fill the game, which is something people expect now.

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AEW commentary is a very important part of the television experience and that should translate into the game. The company will have more time if they create a sequel, so I hope this isn’t too difficult of a problem to fix.

1 I don’t want to: tame it

AEW Fight Forever blood

One of the main reasons fans have loved this video game is because AEW didn’t play it safe and they took advantage of the fact that they push limits in real life. On AEW television there tends to be tons of gore and that’s something the game leaned into a lot.

People don’t want to see that tamed in the next game, as having a lot of weapons helps make it realistic and fun. Blood can be turned off, which also makes it open to everyone, so there’s no real need to control things when there are so many people talking.

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