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Finn Balor’s Wrestling Looks

Making his debut in 2001, Finn Balor signed to WWE in 2014, where he made a huge impression on fans in NXT before moving on to the main roster. While his run to date has been a mixed bag thanks to some odd booking, he’s certainly reached some impressive milestones. Not only was Balor the first-ever Universal Champion, but he also held the Intercontinental Championship and the United States Championship as well as, more recently, the Undisputed Tag Team Championship.


Finn Balor’s Definitive 10 Best WWE Matches, Ranked

Between NXT and the main roster, Finn Balor has had a tremendous WWE career filled with amazing bouts!

Given that a veteran at this point, Finn Balor has had a number of distinct looks throughout his career. Let’s take a look (and rank) all of them, which range from his days in NJPW all the way to his current look in WWE.

Main Roster Babyface Finn

This Was Balor At His Most Generic

Main Roster Babyface Run



WWE Universal Championship, WWE Intercontinental Champion

The year 2016 saw Finn Balor move on to the main roster from NXT, a period marred by one ridiculously unfortunate injury and what, at the time, felt like endless toiling on the midcard as an underutilized babyface. As he feuded with Baron Corbin over his height and got fed to Bray Wyatt for The Fiend’s debut, Balor maintained largely the same look that fans were familiar with — trunks, kickpads, and too many abs to count — but seemed weirdly generic. Occasionally the color of his gear would change, which would prove to be the most dynamic thing about his character at this point.

Prince Devitt Also Looked Like A Generic Babyface In Apollo 55

In Retrospect, The Look Totally Worked

Apollo 55 Run



IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion, IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion

Before WWE, Finn Balor was in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, where he wrestled as Prince Devitt. One of his earliest runs in the company had him teaming with junior heavyweight goofball Ryusuke Taguchi as the vaguely astronaut themed Apollo 55, with Devitt sporting a generic look similar to the one above. The difference, however, was that the future Balor was pretty young, so the look worked. On top of that, the look especially worked looking back on it, because this was his era just before turning heel and forming Bullet Club.

Prince Devitt Used Body Paint Before WWE

Devitt Shouted Out A Variety Of Comic Book Characters

Selected Prince Devitt Body Paint Characters

The Joker





Spider-Man 2099

The Punisher

As fans know, The Demon is Finn Balor’s alter ego, but the idea of donning body paint for special matches predates his WWE run. By the time he ended up in NXT, Prince Devitt was known for his use of body paint, which he employed both in New Japan and on the indies.


10 Coolest Looks Of Finn Balor’s Career, Ranked

Finn Balor has had some amazing and iconic looks over the years. Here are 10 of his absolute best.

More often than not, Devitt’s body paint was a reference to a comic book character. Examples include multiple Spider-Man characters and the ever-popular Heath Ledger version of Joker as well as Todd McFarlane’s Spawn.

Prince Devitt’s Light Up Jacket

Devitt Used The Gimmick After Chris Jericho

Finn Balor with his light up jacket in NJPW

Prince Devitt Light-Up Jacket Debut

Chris Jericho Light-Up Jacket Debut



Once he turned heel and formed Bullet Club, Prince Devitt began dubbing himself “The Real RocknRolla,” a reference to the 2008 Guy Ritchie movie RocknRolla. To make his gimmick even more bombastic, Devitt began wearing a jacket adorned in LED lights to the ring, making for a cool image, one that Devitt claimed that was inspired by Tron rather than Chris Jericho. That said, it wasn’t Devitt’s best look, especially considering that El Phantasmo — a later NJPW junior heavyweight turned Bullet Club heel — had a much more effective version of it in the late 2010s.

Finn Balor Changed His Gear In Judgment Day

Balor Began Wearing Tights For The First Time

Finn Balor Joins Judgment Day




In mid-2022, Finn Balor surprisingly turned heel to join Edge’s gothic heel faction The Judgment Day, only to oust the Rated-R Superstar in the process. As part of his change in attitude, Balor also had a change in look, as he started wearing sneakers, two shooting sleeves (instead of his usual one) and long tights that often had joshi-like flaps dangling from them. It was the most dramatic change in Finn’s appearance in his entire WWE career, and has largely worked — even if sometimes he feels like the least important guy in the group.

The Demon Is Finn Balor’s Iconic Alter Ego

The Look Immediately Impressed Fans

The Demon Debut



NXT TakeOveR: R Evolution


The Ascension

Soon after debuting in NXT, Finn Balor and Hideo Itami got into a feud with The Ascension, during which Balor promised to debut something that nobody had ever seen before at the upcoming TakeOver. While the die-hards already knew about the body paint thing, they likely weren’t prepared for it to be a full-on alter ego.


A Complete History Of “Demon” Finn Balor In WWE & The Indies, Explained

Finn Balor’s time in the WWE has been filled with ups and downs but his ‘Demon’ character has always remained relevant.

There are too many variations to list, but as The Demon, Balor adorned himself in black, red, and white body paint, with loads of tongue and teeth drawn on his body. While sometimes his entrance gear and headpieces were a bit silly, Balor as The Demon looked undeniably cool when it came time to actually wrestle.

Prince Devitt Founded Bullet Club

Devitt Changed The Game, And Looked Great Doing So

Bullet Club Run



IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, RevPro British Cruiserweight Champion

In 2013, Prince Devitt turned on Ryusuke Taguchi, teaming instead with Tama Tonga, Karl Anderson, and Bad Luck Fale to form a new heel faction, Bullet Club. It would kick off a domino effect that arguably led to the formation of AEW, but it shouldn’t be forgotten how awesome Devitt looked during this period. While his gear remained largely unchanged, his new attitude made him look cooler, which was further bolstered by the now-iconic Bullet Club T-shirt. Devitt looked especially cool with the T-shirt and bandana combination.

The Prince Might Be Finn’s Coolest Look

Balor Played Off His Bullet Club Days In His Return To NXT

Finn Balor NXT Return Run



NXT Champion

Finn Balor’s dismal main roster run came to an end in 2019 when Balor returned to NXT. But it wasn’t just for a victory lap — Balor surprisingly turned heel and reinvented himself as The Prince, a vicious, confident play off of his old NJPW bad guy persona that quickly evolved into a tweener character. Largely eschewing the Demon gimmick, The Prince was most often seen wearing sleek leather jackets, which is secretly his best look, even if it isn’t the flashiest.

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