Wednesday, February 28

Five Success Stories From Georgia Gwinnett College Alumni | News

Georgia Gwinnett College was home to just 118 students when it opened its doors in 2006. At the time, it was the first four-year public college created in the U.S. in the 21st century.

Today, GGC is a vital part of the Gwinnett County region, with more than 11,600 students studying everything from cinema and media arts to biology and business.

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Ed Miller

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Harriet Keyamo

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Jordan McKay

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Shalaya Morissette

kAmβ€œu:CDE 2?5 7@C6>@DE[ E96 65F42E:@? x C646:G65 2E v6@C8:2 vH:??6EE r@==686 AC@G:565 >6 H:E9 2 DEC@?8 7@F?52E:@? @7 <?@H=6586 2?5 4C:E:42= E9:?<:?8 D<:==D[” D96 D2:5] β€œ%96 4@FCD6H@C< 492==6?865 >6 E@ E9:?< 2?2=JE:42==J[ D@=G6 AC@3=6>D 2?5 2AAC@249 4@>A=6I :DDF6D H:E9 2 H6==C@F?565 A6CDA64E:G6] %96D6 D<:==D 92G6 366? :?G2=F23=6 πŸ˜• >J 42C66C[ 2==@H:?8 >6 E@ E24<=6 492==6?86D 2?5 7:?5 :??@G2E:G6 D@=FE:@?D 4@?7:56?E=J]”k^Am

kAm|@C:DD6EE6 D2:5 96C AC@76DD@CD’ 6>A92D:D @? 67764E:G6 4@>>F?:42E:@?[ 252AE23:=:EJ 2?5 8C@HE9 >:?5D6E[ 2?5 vvr’D 4F=EFC6 @7 4@==23@C2E:@? 2?5 E62>H@C< 92G6 2=D@ 366? D:8?:7:42?E 724E@CD πŸ˜• 96C DF446DD]k^Am

kAmβ€œ~G6C2==[ E96 D<:==D x 4F=E:G2E65 2E vvr 92G6 366? EC2?D76CC23=6 2?5 2AA=:423=6 πŸ˜• >F=E:A=6 2DA64ED @7 >J 42C66C] %96J 92G6 AC@G:565 2 D@=:5 7@F?52E:@? FA@? H9:49 x 4@?E:?F6 E@ 3F:=5 2?5 8C@H[ 2==@H:?8 >6 E@ ?2G:82E6 E96 6G6C6G@=G:?8 AC@76DD:@?2= =2?5D42A6 H:E9 4@?7:56?46 2?5 252AE23:=:EJ] x 2> 7@C6G6C 8C2E67F= 7@C E96 65F42E:@? 2?5 6IA6C:6?46D x 82:?65 2E vvr]”k^Am

kAm|@C:DD6EE6 D2:5 @?6 H@C5 4@>6D E@ >:?5 H96? D96 C642==D 96C J62CD 2E vvri 8C@HE9]k^Am

kAmβ€œxE H2D 2 E:>6 @7 D6=75:D4@G6CJ[ H96C6 x H2D 6?4@FC2865 E@ AFD9 >J =:>:ED 2?5 492==6?86 >JD6=7 πŸ˜• 6G6CJ H2J A@DD:3=6[” D96 D2:5] β€œ(9:=6 x >2J 92G6 =67E E96 92==D @7 vvv J62CD 28@[ E96 6IA6C:6?46D 2?5 <?@H=6586 x 82:?65 E96C6 D92A65 >6 :?E@ E96 A6CD@? x 2> E@52J] p?5 7@C E92E[ x H:== 2=H2JD 36 8C2E67F=]”k^Am

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