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Former Champion Expected To Return To WWE Soon


  • WWE has seen several homecomings in recent years, with Cody Rhodes, CM Punk, and potentially Mercedes Mone making their returns.
  • Sasha Banks (now Mercedes Mone) and Naomi walked out of WWE in May 2022 due to creative frustrations. Naomi found success in IMPACT Wrestling.
  • Trinity Fatu (Naomi) is expected to leave IMPACT Wrestling soon and return to WWE, as sources from both promotions agree on her potential comeback.

WWE has been about homecomings the past few years. In 2022, Cody Rhodes returned to WWE. In 2023, CM Punk shockingly did the same thing. There have been back and forth reports about Mercedes Mone (the former Sasha Banks) possibly returning as well. That brings us to another name now reported to be coming back to WWE soon, one who is linked to Mone.

At WrestleMania 38, Sasha Banks and Naomi became the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Just a little more than a month later, on May 16, 2022, frustrated by their creative direction, both Banks and Naomi walked out, quitting WWE. Neither have been seen in WWE since. Sasha Banks changed her name to Mercedes Mone and competed in New Japan, while Naomi joined IMPACT Wrestling under her real name of Trinity Fatu (she is married in real life to Jimmy Uso), where she won more gold as the current Knockouts World Champion. Now, over a year and a half later, it looks like Trinity Fatu is about ready to come back to WWE.

According to Fightful Select, TNA Wrestling sources told them that Fatu will be a free agent “very soon.” It is expected that she will leave TNA soon, whether she drops her title at the upcoming Hard to Kill pay-per-view or somewhere else after. WWE sources expect Fatu to return to the now Triple H led promotion, and IMPACT concurs, thinking it will happen “sooner than later.” A source told Fightful “something huge would have to happen for her to not end up back in WWE sooner than later.”


WWE’s Naomi’s Career Revival As Trinity In TNA Has Been Incredible

In TNA, Trinity has finally been given the main event push that she has always deserved but didn’t get in WWE as Naomi.

Will Trinity Fatu Succeed In Today’s WWE?

Naomi Rear View

While Trinity Fatu was loved by WWE fans and even became a two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion, she was never booked on the level of other women’s wrestlers like Banks, Becky Lynch, Bayley, or Charlotte Flair. In TNA she has thrived, turning their women’s division into arguably the best booked in all of wrestling. Under Triple H, WWE’s women’s division has still had its share of issues. If Sasha Banks doesn’t return to WWE, Naomi doesn’t need to be beside her to succeed. Still, she will face a new landscape where not only Lynch, Bayley, and Flair (before her injury) top the card, but Rhea Ripley and Iyo Sky dominate the division. That’s not even counting Bianca Belair or a soon to debut Jade Cargill.

WWE needs her. Naomi was one of the most fun and underrated female talents in the company. Her time in TNA has shown her former home what they were missing out on. With the women’s division having changed since she left, a return gives her a chance to face a whole new roster of women she’s never battled before. If Mercedes Mone doesn’t sign with AEW, it also might be what finally helps bring her back to WWE as well.

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