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Former T-ara Member Areum Hospitalized After Alleged Suicide Attempt

T-ara member Areum hospitalized after alleged suicide attempt

Areum, a former T-ara member, has been admitted to the hospital after attempting suicide. Reports indicate that she tried to take her own life early in the morning on March 27 KST. Previously, Areum courageously shared images exposing her ex-husband’s abuse towards their child, speaking out against domestic violence.

According to an exclusive report by Osen, former T-ara member Areum was hospitalized for medical treatment after attempting suicide in the early hours of March 27 KST. Osen did not provide further details about her condition. Areum, who was part of T-ara from July 2012 to 2013, has pursued various endeavors since then. In 2019, she married an older businessman and became a mother, welcoming two sons. However, her recent appearance on “Between Marriage and Divorce” highlighted the difficulties she faced in her marriage.

Last December, Areum publicly announced her decision to divorce her husband, expressing her plans to marry her current boyfriend, a prominent film writer, once the divorce process is completed. Areum has fearlessly shared images exposing her ex-husband’s mistreatment of their child and recently shared distressing photos of her own injuries resulting from domestic violence. Furthermore, she has boldly spoken out about being targeted by an individual impersonating her to extort money from others.

The alleged suicide attempt adds another dimension to Areum’s ongoing challenges, prompting an outpouring of support and calls for heightened attention to mental health issues within the entertainment industry.

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