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FOX Asks Fans to Name Best WWE Faction Right Now


  • FOX recently asked fans to weigh in on the best WWE faction, generating diverse responses and showcasing the passionate fan base.
  • Supporters of Judgment Day argued for the group’s supremacy, emphasizing individual achievements and the addition of JD McDonagh.
  • Imperium, led by Gunther, received minimal recognition in the fan vote, raising questions about why they were overlooked and suggesting potential dissension within the group.

FOX recently stirred the pot in the wrestling world by asking fans on social media to weigh in on the best WWE faction at the moment. The query, timed perfectly with the upcoming Survivor Series, generated a wide array of responses, showcasing the diversity of opinions within the passionate WWE Universe. There are groups that have been around for some time, others adding members, while some drop names from the group. There are wrestlers who appear on the verge of forming a stable, while some, like The Bloodline look to be a bit wobbly.

Responses flooded in, showcasing the eclectic fan base and the multitude of factions capturing their attention. From fervent support for the newly-expanded Damage CTRL to nods for Judgment Day and Alpha Academy, the choices reflected the vast landscape of factions in WWE. Some even hearkened back to the past (even though that was technically breaking the rules), with votes for iconic factions like the Shield, emphasizing their enduring dominance.

Supporters of Judgment Day passionately argued for the group’s supremacy, pointing to individual achievements and the collective success of its members. The addition of JD McDonagh fueled further enthusiasm, emphasizing the untapped potential within the faction. Rhea Ripley being the most dominant female of the year certainly helped.

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Alpha Academy is the fun group of the bunch, fans seemingly in love with the chemistry that exists between so many individuals that, on paper, probably don’t mix. Yet, for some reason, they are incredibly entertaining.

Imperium Surprisingly Snubbed By Fans

Interestingly, Imperium, led by the renowned Intercontinental Champion Gunther, and including Ludwig Kaiser and Giovani Vinci, received minimal recognition in the fan vote. Despite boasting historical accolades and a formidable lineup and spending time in NXT, on SmackDown and on Raw, the group garnered little to no love from over 500 responses. This oversight raises questions about why the WWE Universe overlooked them. It the potential dissention in the group a factor?

The history of WWE factions is rich and diverse, but now, more than arguably ever, WWE is in love with the idea of putting wrestlers in groups. The idea of factions go way back, but it’s clear Triple H and the WWE creative team are fond of the idea of not just making stars as singles, but groups popular again.

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