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Francis Ngannou Reveals Boxing Title Ambition Ahead Of Anthony Joshua Fight


  • Francis Ngannou aspires to become a boxing world champion and sees his upcoming fight against Anthony Joshua as a stepping stone towards that goal. He remains cautious about the praise he has received and is determined to prove himself.
  • Ngannou views his previous fight against Tyson Fury as a valuable experience but is focused on the upcoming challenge against Joshua. He is motivated by the potential for higher stakes and believes he has the necessary tools for success.
  • The winner of the fight between Ngannou and Joshua could potentially advance to compete for the undisputed heavyweight champion title against Oleksandr Usyk or Tyson Fury. This scenario adds an extra layer of significance to their match.

Francis Ngannou is eyeing dual-sport supremacy by aiming to secure championship titles in two different sports, and his potential pathway involves a title opportunity against Anthony Joshua. The decision by ‘AJ’ to opt for a bout against Ngannou instead of Filip Hrgović raised eyebrows, as it presented a chance for a potential shot at the IBF heavyweight world title. Ngannou, a UFC champion who never relinquished his title in the octagon, entered the boxing arena against heavyweight legend Tyson Fury last October.

Although he didn’t emerge victorious against Fury, Ngannou garnered widespread respect with a thrilling third-round knockdown and a closely contested split decision loss, which many believed should have been a victory. Now, as a PFL fighter, he is slated to go up against another elite boxer, Anthony Joshua, on March 8 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. However, the specific debut date for his inaugural PFL fight is yet to be determined.


Francis Ngannou Offers Significant Update Regarding His MMA Career

Francis Ngannou has revealed his future MMA plans ahead of Anthony Joshua clash.

Francis Ngannou Reveals Boxing Title Ambition

The Predator Praised His Opponent Anthony Joshua

Francis Ngannou expressed his aspiration to claim a boxing world title during a press conference leading up to his showdown with Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia. Ngannou acknowledged the praise from Matchroom Boxing Chairman Eddie Hearn but remained cautious, unsure if it was genuine or a tactic to underestimate him. Determined to prove himself as a dedicated newcomer, Ngannou emphasized his commitment to rigorous training and overcoming the underdog status to secure victory in the fight.

Reflecting on his previous bout against Tyson Fury, Ngannou regarded it as a great experience but focused on the upcoming challenge, emphasizing a heightened level of seriousness. He recognized the potential for more significant stakes, possibly the undisputed title, motivating him to elevate his preparation for a demanding fight.

While acknowledging the greatness of the Tyson Fury match, Ngannou saw it as a thing of the past and viewed his upcoming encounter with Joshua with added gravity. He hinted at the prospect of achieving something unprecedented and expressed confidence in possessing the necessary tools for success. Ngannou anticipated a formidable battle on March 8 in Riyadh, recognizing the difficulty but also viewing it as a feasible triumph.

Although nothing has been officially confirmed, both Ngannou and Joshua have publicly discussed the possibility of the winner advancing to compete for the undisputed heavyweight champion title. This scenario could involve facing either Oleksandr Usyk or Tyson Fury, both slated to fight on February 17, with their respective titles on the line. Fury has mentioned his desire to have a rematch with Ngannou and has come close to fighting Joshua in the past. If Usyk is to win, it is unclear whether he will defend his undisputed titles or retire.

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