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Francis Ngannou’s PFL Debut Opponent Revealed By Donn Davis


  • PFL Boss Donn Davis is confident Francis Ngannou will have a successful MMA career with the organization, aiming for multiple bouts.
  • Ngannou’s $2 million minimum payment and role in PFL’s global advisory board showcase his influence and potential in the league.
  • A potential high-profile matchup with Anthony Joshua and comparisons to Bo Jackson characterize Ngannou’s promising future in combat sports.

PFL founder and chairman Donn Davis unveiled the likely opponent for Francis Ngannou’s debut, expressing confidence in Ngannou’s forthcoming MMA debut within the organization later this year.

Ngannou joined PFL in May after departing from the UFC, slated to compete in their “super fight” division, with the flexibility to engage in other sports like boxing. Ngannou also acted as a negotiator for his opponents, ensuring a minimum payment of $2 million. Additionally, he will serve on PFL’s global advisory board, advocating for fighters’ interests, and hold the position of equity owner and chairman for the forthcoming PFL Africa league.

Following his bout with undefeated WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on October 28, 2023, titled “Battle of the Baddest,” Ngannou managed to knock down Fury in the third round, resulting in a contentious split decision victory for Fury by the judges. Subsequently, Ngannou’s ranking rose to #10 by the WBC, leading Anthony Joshua to agree to a high-profile matchup scheduled for March 8, 2024, also in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

PFL Boss Expects Ngannou To Fight PFL vs. Bellator Winner

Donn Davis Compared Francis Ngannou To Bo Jackson

Davis, speaking to The Independent, expressed PFL’s unwavering confidence in Ngannou’s future within their MMA promotion. He affirmed that he is fully convinced that Ngannou will compete in multiple MMA bouts for PFL, emphasizing his belief that Ngannou will also become a long-term business partner for the organization. Davis likened Ngannou’s potential to that of Bo Jackson, envisioning him as the pinnacle athlete in combat sports.

“I’m 100 percent confident that Francis fights MMA for PFL – not just once, but several times and I’m confident that Francis will be our long-term business partner. I believe that he will ultimately prove himself to be the greatest athlete in combat sports – the Bo Jackson, if you will, of combat sports.”

Furthermore, Davis suggested that Ngannou’s ambition to excel in both boxing and MMA sets him apart, indicating that he expects Ngannou to pursue and achieve championship status in both disciplines. Regarding Ngannou’s potential opponents, Davis hinted that the victor of the Renan Ferreira vs. Ryan Bader bout, set to headline the PFL vs. Bellator event in Riyadh on February 24th, could be Ngannou’s first opponent in PFL. This event, following PFL’s acquisition of Bellator in November, will feature matchups between champions from both organizations.

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