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‘Friends’ Aisha Tyler Opens Up About The Show After 20 Years

Aisha Tyler talks about FRIENDS and how things were 20 years from now and her character Charlie Wheeler became a recurring character on the popular sitcom. The actress spoke to Entertainment Tonight about her experience participating in the NBC series and how friendly and welcoming the cast was despite being petrified

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“My knees hurt. I was surprised you couldn’t hear my teeth chattering across the room,” Tyler said. “We went out and made a stage call where everyone bows to the audience at the end of the show. While we were backstage, Matthew Perry just leaned in and said, “Get ready for the change of your life. He added, ‘That was really sweet and kind, saying that to someone who’s petrified and trying not to pee a little out of fear.'” (Hollywood Reporter)

The Criminal Minds actress recalled that Perry was right when she said her life was about to change considering Friends was the biggest show on TV at the time. “Sometimes you don’t know what a job is going to do, how it’s going to change your life,” Tyler explained. “You don’t know if it will be a success. You don’t even know if it’s going to be good. You are there to give your best. But once I got Friends, I knew it was a big deal.” (Hollywood reporter)

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The actress made sure to go to the comedy audition room after watching all the episodes and considering herself a fan. She recalled the day she walked onto the set and tried to see a naked man across the street, referring to the ugly naked guy on the show.

“Luckily it’s just a hallway back there,” he joked. Tyler said she thinks being a fan of the show helped her get the part because she knew how to tell a Friends joke. “The show had a beat,” she explained. The way to switch things up and emphasize words differently… [than] you would in a normal conversation. … They just had a gift for puns and followed the delivery lines. She just felt unique on the show,” the actress said. (Hollywood reporter)

To this day, people walk up and say ‘Charlie, Charlie’ or just say ‘Black girl from Friends’.

“It Was A Big Deal”-Aisha Tyler From ‘Friends’ Talks About The Show After 20 Years

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