Friday, February 23

Georgia House Committee OKs Mulberry Cityhood Bill. Here’s What’s Next | News

A proposal for voters to decide this spring whether a 17th city should be created in Gwinnett County is moving forward in theΒ Georgia House of Representatives.

The House’s Intragovernmental Coordination Committee approved Senate Bill 333, which calls for a referendum on Mulberry cityhood to be placed on the May 21 general election primary ballot, on Tuesday.

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kAmpE E9:D E:>6[ E96 6I:DE:?8 D6CG:46 56=:G6CJ 28C66>6?E πŸ˜€ ?@E D6E E@ 36 C6?68@E:2E65 F?E:= a_ah]k^Am

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