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Gigi Hadid & Bradley Cooper Engrossed In Planning Their Future Together?

Gigi Hadid is dating Bradley Cooper, and it looks like things are heating up between the two of them. Now they are more serious about their relation than previously. A source tells Entertainment Tonight that the couple is serious about each other and are looking to make plans for the future. “Gigi and Bradley have been spotted in New York City together,” the source says. 

A source close to ET said that Gigi and Bradley are serious about their relationship and have already discussed their future plans together. “They communicate well and openly”, the source added.

Gigi and Bradley’s relationship has continued to grow and has taken a more serious turn, according to a second source. “Gigi and Bradley are a natural match. Their relationship is simple, fun, and uncomplicated,” the source said. “Cooper’s family adores Gigi, and Gigi’s family feels the same way about him. There is a lot of optimism among their family and friends that the relationship will continue to grow.”

Neither Hadid nor Cooper has affirmed insights regarding their relationship. Despite Bradley Cooper’s presence at the awards season because of various nominations for his film Maestro, Gigi Hadid has never been with him on any of the occasions.

Hadid and Cooper are such well-known figures and hence the public and media are eager to learn more about them and are eager for them to officially announce their relationship.

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