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Go-Home Show To WWE Crown Jewel

On an episode of Monday Night Raw that was about sending the red brand to Crown Jewel, WWE still put together a solid show with top-notch in-ring action. Judgment Day had a major presence on the show, there was excellent tag team action, Seth Rollins took on JD McDonagh, Dominik Mysterio went head-to-head with Ricochet in a non-title match, and Xia Li stepped into the spotlight against Candice LeRae There was a Trick or Street Fight, and The Miz also seems to have begun a babyface turn.

Here are your winners and losers for Raw, October 30, 2023:

Winner/Loser: Dominik Beats Ricochet

Raw kicked off with Rhea Ripley, flanked by Dominik Mysterio and JD McDonagh. However, Sami Zayn disrupted their celebration, impassionately expressing his frustration with Judgment Day’s constant spotlight. The three members of Judgment Day threatene to take out Zayn when Ricochet intervened, preventing an attack. This was the action to set up the first match of the night, Ricochet versus Dom.

Returning from a break, the match was already underway. Dom tried to sneak his way through the match, while Ricochet showcased his skill and aerial ability. The bout spanned two segments, dominating the first half-hour of the show. It was a solid match. But, it was the numbers game that did Ricochet in. Dom secured a victory with a roll-up pin, aided by McDonagh’s distraction.

The segment’s biggest flaw was Zayn’s absence, contradicting his earlier promise to confront Judgment Day relentlessly. There was no reason for him to leave and the fact he wasn’t there is why Ricochet lost.

Winner: Creed Brothers Raw Debut

Chad Gable and Otis, flanked by Akira Tozawa and Maxxine Dupri, faced off against Raw newcomers and NXT stars Julius and Brutus Creed, accompanied by Ivy Nile. Those who have watch The Creed Brothers in NXT know how special a team they are. A mashup of The Steiners and The Road Warriors, they offer a combination of speed, strength, skill, and legitimate toughness that make them a thrilling tag team to watch. This is was a near-perfect Raw debut that should see them get serious consideration to stay on the main roster.

Gable and Julius started by showing off their technical and amateur backgrounds, but things picked up when Brutus and Otis entered the ring.

The Creeds may be a relatively fresh team, but they have a ton of intangibles that are going to make them stars.Otis and Gable made for good first opponents and after The Creeds hit their finish (Brutus Ball), all four men showed their respect for one another by raising each others’ arms in the ring.

Winner/Loser: A Babyface Miz?

The Miz hosted Gunther on Miz TV and it appears WWE is testing the waters with The A-Lister as a babyface. He was bullied by Imperium and then fought back even when down 3-to-1. He took a beating and was forced to leave the ring so DIY and Imperium could have their tag team match. The Miz then caught up with Adam Pearce backstage and demanded a match for the Intercontinental Title. Pearce said he couldn’t just demand one, but he had to win a match to earn a shot. Bronson Reed was looking for another shot too, so it looks like The Miz and Reed will have a match to crown the No. 1 contender.

The tag match that followed was fun. It was a reunion for DIY and they got the three count of Giovani Vinci. Ludwig Kaiser wasn’t happy and Gunther won’t be either. Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa should work well as a team. The Raw Tag Team Division is really coming together. The evening delivered some great tag team action and it will be intriguing to see where WWE takes the Miz turn. It was a bit strange that the interaction between Miz and Pearce continued to treat Miz like a heel. That felt like a bit of a miss. If you’re making the move, make it.

Winner: Xia Li Knocks Out Candice LeRae

In what appears to be an effort to make Xia Li seem like a credible challenger to Becky Lynch, WWE chose to have her KO Candice LeRae to the point the official had to stop the match because LeRae couldn’t continue. Creative doesn’t do this often, so when they do, it leaves fans a bit confused between what’s real and what isn’t. That’s a good thing when doing it for storyline purposes. This was just awkward enough to make it seem unplanned.

Is Li really that big a threat to The Man? Probably not. But, this helps up the perception that she might be. WWE medical staff was shown after the commercial break checking on LeRae.

If this is a legitimate injury, disregard the above and we hope that LeRae recovers quickly.

Winner: Rollins Defeats JD McDonagh

Prior to the match, Rollins delivered a compelling promo, showing no sympathy for Drew McIntyre’s past challenges (WWE also aired a McIntyre promo where he talked about being mad he performed at an empty WrestleMania). Rollins was attacked from behing by McDonagh during the promo. That led to the match kicking off where McDonagh utilized his speed, skill, and deviousness to try to stay on top.

Rollins battled back and as he geared up for the win, Damian Priest made his way to the ring accompanied by a referee. The tease was that he might cash in. The Visionary executed a Pedigree and Stomp, securing the victory and staring down Priest during pin. This did a good job of foreshadowing a future encounter between these two.

Loser: Trick Or Street Fight

In the annual Trick or Treat Street Fight tradition, the ring was surrounded by a number of Halloween props. Natalya (dressed in a cat/bunny) costumer faced off against Chelsea Green, joined by Piper Niven, all dressed as The Hart Foundation. The costumes were the best part of this match. The rest was awful. This was a close to call-back as the old mud and pudding matches WWE used to do when the women’s division was at its worst.

Nikki Cross was under one of the pumpkins. She stayed stoic throughout the rest of the match. So far, she’s the female version of Dexter Lumis.The match served its purpose as a holiday-themed comedy bout, but it wasn’t all that funny and it wasn’t all that entertaining.

Winner: Damian Priest vs. Sami Zayn

In this week’s main event, Damian Priest faced off against Sami Zayn in a singles match to close the show, but the match ended in chaos as Jeyu Uso and Cody Rhodes got involved, setting the stage for their respective matches at Crown Jewel on Saturday. Uso’s superkick on Priest led to Zayn’s disqualification.

Priest, McDonagh, Dom and Balor couldn’t out battle Uso, Zayn, and Rhodes. While some might call the ending of the show an overbooked mess, it worked in this case because Cody hadn’t been seen on the show up to that point and fans were eager to see him. When his music hit, he got a huge pop and when he hit his finisher on McDonagh on the table to end the show, then called out Priest for Crown Jewel, it brought the show to an end on a high note. Rhodes hit Judgment Day where it hurt by casting doubt that all of the members aren’t on the same page and he questioned Priest’s inability to lead his group.

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