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Greta Gerwig, Director Of Hit Film ‘Barbie,’ Teases Her Next Project, Says ‘I’m In The Writing Process’

Director Greta Gerwig, whose film “Barbie” achieved immense success this year, has hinted about her upcoming venture, according to a report by Hollywood Reporter.

Speaking at the BFI London Film Festival, Greta shared her experience of personally visiting various theaters to gauge audience reactions. She mentioned, “I went around to different theaters and sort of stood in the back, and would then also turn up the volume if I felt it wasn’t playing at the perfect level.” During one of these visits, she was delighted to witness a woman bursting into laughter over a specific joke about the “Proust Barbie,” a particular one-liner she included in the film. Greta was pleased that the joke resonated with that particular audience member.

When questioned about her current project, Greta revealed, “I’m in the writing process, and it’s hard because I’m having recurring nightmares.” Greta Gerwig is renowned for her direction of two acclaimed feature films, “Lady Bird” (2017) and “Little Women” (2019), both of which received Academy Award nominations for Best Picture.

“Barbie,” the movie, achieved a remarkable milestone by grossing over 1 billion dollars at the box office, making Greta Gerwig the sole female director to accomplish this feat independently. Starring Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken, the film also boasts a star-studded cast including America Ferrera, Simu Liu, Dua Lipa, Emerald Fennell, Issa Rae, Kate McKinnon, Michael Cera, and Will Ferrell. The film’s premise revolves around Barbie and Ken embarking on a journey of self-discovery in the real world after being expelled from the utopian Barbie Land for not conforming to perfection.

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